Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Nope, It’s Wrong

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  1. Words in Yoda order set is.

  2. “Los muertos no hablan” means “The dead do not speak” and was the title of a ’50s Mexican western film. How it ended up mangled like this is anyone’s guess.

  3. My prison papi told me it was right.

  4. Even if it had been correct it would still be terrible.

  5. He’s gonna ragret it in a week or so.

  6. I guess he’s reminded of a jackass every time he looks in the mirror …

  7. The Beast Among Us

    Is that supposed to be his new angle when he robs the local carniceria?

  8. If Spanish really were his native language, he would have known that word order in Spanish is a lot more flexible than English or whatever language they’re speaking (Swedish?) and that “No hablan los muertos” is perfectly correct, if unconventional. Certainly no true Spanish speaker would accuse someone speaking that way of improper grammar, the way an English speaker would of someone saying “Don’t speak the dead”. I think the more likely case is that he took Spanish in high school and has never read any Spanish literature or had a conversation with anyone who actually speaks it. I wouldn’t be surprised if he still pronounces his H’s.

    Still a stupid tattoo though.

  9. Job interviews are going to be a breeze for this young chap.

    Boss: “What do you consider as your weakness”
    Apoc: “I’m too honest”
    Boss: “I don’t think you can call that a weakness?”
    Apoc: “I don’t give a fuck what you think”.

  10. So, basically, RadioRebel, what you’re saying is, that the native Spanish-talking people are to dumb to construct their sentences right, and that’s why it’s allowed to mix up words?

    I sure know my English isn’t perfect, but now I know for sure, that I should have chosen Spanish over German back in school-days. Apparently you can make all the fuck-ups you want to, yes?

  11. Btw. he’s Danish.
    Apoc Bønnerup. Very fancy name.

  12. The Beast Among Us

    RadioRebel must have never met a Spanish speaking person, because every one of them that I know have always complained about everyone else’s Spanish. They all seem to correct each other all the time, even more so than we English speaking fellows.

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  14. Stupid is stupid in any language.

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