Thursday, September 8, 2011

Hairy Situations

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  1. I believe it’s safe to say this is the weirdest thing I have read on this site.

  2. wonder if any of her family read this, lol………not something they will discuss over lunch!!

  3. Oh no, two girls discussing sex! Call the prude police!

  4. hootie the blowfish

    I wouldn’t think it was very classy for two men to have that discussion in public either…

  5. The line is ‘too bad it’s 3rd’ , John.

  6. Slendermans Girlfriend

    Brb bleaching my eyeballs.

  7. So if openly discussing what you like to do in bed is not classy, if a dude tells you he’s gay, is that like telling you he likes to stick his cock in another dude’s anus and suck big dongs, is that not classy, and so are gay dudes not classy as soon as they tell you they are gay?

    And if they are not classy for telling you they are gay, are straight dudes also not classy when they tell you they are straight, because that basically means they like to stick their man poles into dripping wet coochies and little female anuses and lick and nibble on nipples?

  8. By the way, ladies, just so you know, I am straight.

  9. By the way ladies, just so you know, I’m a lesbian.

    (It just seemed necessary.)

  10. Most gays will put 3 commas in one sentence. True fact.

  11. These people are not squeamish

  12. That’s true mass. It’s pretty rare to find a nutter gay who refuses to put 3 commas in one sentence, but I might know of one.

  13. I always thought “waxin’ that ass” was just one of those delightful urban colloquialisms. Apparently Ron disagrees. Obviously he just had enough of Charlotte’s butt muff and decided to take things into his own hands.

  14. , , ,

  15. 8===D , , , (o)

  16. I have no idea what is going on here.

  17. No, 8===========)<~ (|)

  18. Walter Sobchak, you seem like my kinda guy! (straight lady talking here)

  19. I like butt muff.

  20. Well, sirianmelley, I must say I am a little taken aback. If I am reading your comment correctly, you are saying you would like to get together for some vaginal and/or anal sex, including some titty nibbling.

    Let me think….

    Well, there may be some logistical problems. As you know, I am but a mortal, an Earth dweller. But if you are willing to descend to my terrestrial location, I will not turn you away.

  21. Those guys watch way too much porn.


  23. There are a lot gay colons commas floating around.

  24. Charlotte, you sure know how to turn a girl on.

  25. I love Galilea Montijos. True story

  26. krasivaya_devushka

    Eww, wish I didn’t read that. WTF!?

  27. Walter…I’m not an alien. Nor will I have sex with you. Just wanted to encourage your dirty talk.

    (My username is Sir Ian Melley, a character from a show I like. Don’t know what you were thinking).

  28. ^^pussy. Like you won’t meet up with some dude from the internets.

  29. It’s just that I meet up with so many random strangers from the internet to have sex with them, I just can’t fit more in my schedule.

  30. And by schedule I mean vagina.

  31. ^Tiddy Boom

  32. Sir Ian (It just feels more right to say it like that), you’re a liar; one, you also have an anus, and 2; i’ve hear your vagina has been so enlarged from all the dick that you could in fact, comfortably take a horse.

    And by horse I mean horse.

  33. Are they gay because that’s not a good thing to talk about on Facebook

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