Thursday, January 19, 2012


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  1. Blogggeeerrrrr!!!!!! First!

  2. vaginalroundhouse


    2nd is the best.

  3. i’m a worm and i like to dance. FIRST

  4. Who in their right minds “freakin loves” their teachers? This is lame. Lamebook blacked out and came back oh so refreshed.

  5. vaginalroundhouse

    I had a hot woman physics teacher. Yeah she taught high school physics. I would invite my friends to sit in the class just to get a look at her. Oh Miss Nastasi how I love you…….and your body.

  6. Was her name Cheryl?

  7. somehow I got the feeling that the low-brow submission would set the tone of the comments dismally low.
    You fuckers ^^^ should be ashamed of yourselves.

  8. Juan knows his anatomy

  9. If I was a guy, I would not denote that I had a brown dick. But whatever works for you, Juan.

  10. vaginalroundhouse


    Her name was Lisa Nastasi. Also google Iryna Labachova, I had her for a professor too.

  11. I wouldn’t worry about the brown dick, but I would worry about the green stuff growing on the balls.

  12. “Yeah man, but my doctor said fungal infections are, like, really common.”

  13. Difference between “put” and “painted”? With the latter Matthew wasn’t sodomized.

  14. I’m going to be a buzzkill. Green and yellow are actually very common colours to use when painting people. When it mixes in with the others it gives a more natural hue. I must say, that dick’s hue is looking quite nice.

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