Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Hangin’ with Mr. Cooper

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  1. Top of the morning, you sad cunts. I wish you all the best this fine day, and encourage all of you losers to go fuck yourselves!

    By the way…FIRST!!!! Savin’ it for ‘da man, the funniest fucker on this shitty site, and the bane of prissy faggots everywhere…



  2. Way past top of the morning. Check out the pm on your post date. You’re a lame, probably obese, momma’s boy Canuk with homosexual tendencies. You could probably figure out what sexual orientation you are if you would leave your mom’s basement (pun unintentional but potentially relevant). Crawl out of your mom’s snatch for a minute. I bet you’ll enjoy it more than being first.

  3. P.S. this post sucks a almost as much Peter as Stvr.

  4. If you hang with Mr Cooper it’s your fault if he rapes you.

  5. Maybe she is ‘Hangin’ with Mr Cooper’ because he is hung.

  6. There’s nothing wrong with having homosexual tendencies… Being an obese momma’s boy, well… I’ll pass.

  7. Stupid fuck bastards. Eat shit and die!

  8. Obviously their hands are spread out because the photographer asked how long his manhood is. This is such a racist, stereotypical post. Not all large white women can handle a brotha

  9. She seems excited to try…

  10. Feel bad for Canada bashing earlier. There is an abundance of sweet little blue eyed blonds in Saskatoon. With the frequency of illiterate fags in Canada, there’s potential for you all to get out and get some for the first time. Don’t say I never gave you anything.

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