Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Mr. Potato Head


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  1. First!

  2. God, that felt good. Not only my first ever comment on a post, after lurking for months and enjoying the “lols”; but also allowing myself to be one of those highly irritating idiots who likes to be first.


  3. Awesome, my first comment ever gets to tell you you’re a douche!

  4. Thank you. I appreciate it, love.

  5. @loveshark

    you are a complete douche, go to the nearest bridge and jump or just slit your own throat

  6. I’m sorry, but I don’t commit suicide on the command of usernames.

  7. Last!!

  8. Monte Cazazza didn’t want to be first or last.

  9. its actually fitting that you all are posting on lamebook, because you all deserve to be on lamebook for your “first” & “last” comments…. and seriously…. do we need to be promoting suicide?

  10. So back to the post its self….pretty weak.

  11. So, at least this one has two arms. Wonder if anyone could use that potato for their rage?

  12. Sanchia exchanges meat for potato? Odd.

  13. not that lame

  14. I find it quite disturbing how that woman holds this potato. Her hands seem to say “Bloom, little darling, bloom!” or something …

  15. although this didn’t tickle my funny bone i have to give a thumbs up to sal, whose post qualifies for me as the lamest so far of 2010. thank you for making my lunch and life that little bit easier to swallow.

    i take off my hat to you sir/madam.

  16. I believe those hands are suggesting Voila. or Ta Da. or “but where do I insert the batter?”

  17. that would be ‘battery’ — dammit.

  18. Oh so it sort of looks like a cock and balls?

    Not impressed. For fucks sake we’ve seen Jesus’ likeness on a piece of toast and a representation of Elvis in the form of a crisp, the Virgin Mary has been appearing on and off for fucking years and we’re supposed to be impressed with a man meat shaped potato?!

    Take you’re veg and fuck off love.

    Unless its’ a courgette in the shape of Jesus using his ‘God Schlong’ to fuck Elvis up the arse whilst Mary claps them on i’m not bothered.

  19. Imamofo, I’m sure you mean ‘Take *your veg and fuck off love’.

    I’m just guessing. . .

  20. Nerdy Nerdenstein

    That wang looks diseased. Now, I would keep this thing in my nightstand drawer, you know, just for EMERGENCIES. But I’m going to have to be careful. Have you ever smelled rotten potatoes?

  21. Unfortunately yes… it smells like rotting human flesh.

  22. Yeh, thanks for the help.
    We really know what rotting
    Human flesh smells like.

  23. Woo Hoo! Welcome home Mr Haiku!

  24. Vixen your well aimed guestimate has found its mark for your aim were true,

    You’re correct in your assumption that I did indeed mean to type your as in ‘Take YOUR veg and fuck of love’

    and not you’re as in ‘Clearly YOU’RE a cunt’

  25. Imamofo, I think you mean “you aim *was true.”

    “Were” is the past plural of “was,” as in “They were all fucking their mothers, but the Oedipal complex shouldn’t be bragged about in a user name.”

    Since Vixen is singular, your verb should also be singular. It’s up to you whether the comment is past or present: either would work in this case.

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