Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Happy Birthday 2 You


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  1. Brilliant.

  2. haa!

  3. Charlie, FTW.
    Gregor must not have many friend’s or at least none that like him…

  4. Damn. To fail your own B-day…. shut it down, Greg, shut it down.

  5. FAIL at life!

  6. – 2 friends…thats a negative. He has no friends

  7. Attention whore, much?

  8. I don’t get these FB users. If they spent more time with their friends they may get more birthday wishes. Getting away from the computer is step 1 Gregor. Go make real friends, not digital ones!

  9. GEESE!!!!

  10. did I get banned from Lamebook? Where did my posts go?

  11. why did that one go through and not the others?

    I’ll try again:

    Mah says, as he sits at a computer.

  12. What a fucking loser

  13. My mother forgot my birthday last year. I should have updated my Facebook status accordingly.

  14. @Boz
    Best comment.

  15. Who names their kid Gregor – wasn’t he a giant cockroach?

  16. How in the world will he possibly be able to keep up with both of his friends if he shuts down his facebook account??

  17. Updating your status to complain about not getting hardly any birthday wishes is the exact reason why you don’t get any birth wishes.

  18. This guy is a loser for caring. I guess it was less embarrassing than stating that NO ONE wished him a happy birthday in real life.

  19. Ratcoon or ratcoon. Which one of you is the real beast?

  20. I think he’s complaining because he got TOO MANY birthday wishes. Those things are so vapid and boring; they’re the worst part of Facebook! Everyone says the exact same thing! Then you just have a big line of copycats on your wall.

    That’s why I always change my birthday when it’s getting close so no one can ambush me!

  21. cybervirgo: I thought the exact same thing – no one wished you Happy Birthday, because you’re a giant cockroach, Gregor.

  22. @Ratcoon: Will you send me a birthday wish later this month? We are best friends now, right?

  23. im having your baby

    this is probably the most attention gregor has ever gotten, except its on lamebook.. not actually on facebook. fail.

  24. I can’t stand people like this. Saying some BS like this so people will beg him to stay. Loser.

  25. @me, I’ve been using this since the first ratcoon lamebook post, then there is a blue one (sometimes capitalized, sometimes not – maybe 2 different people). There is also another person that posts as lowercase ratcoon without a link in the name.

    We are ratcoons after all.

  26. now this is failbook


  28. @wtf
    that’s what I was wondering

  29. I think I’m in love with Charlie.

  30. Maybe he set up both accounts pretending to be someone else, then wished himself happy birthday in attempt to remind people it’s his birthday but no-one really cares

  31. I’d be pissed at those two people for wishing me a happy birthday, too.

  32. I’d be even more pissed if they took me out and showed me a good time. Some people just don’t get it.

  33. what a fucking baby.

  34. Charlie FTW.No one likes a whiner.

  35. Oh,by the way,my birthday is coming up on 9/12.I expect wishes from all you Lamebooker’s or I’ll have to go have a sissy fit.:P

  36. Yay Mah, now maybe I’ll get two people to wish me happy birthday! BFF!


  37. Haha, Charlie is aweseome! πŸ˜€

  38. Billy Wilders Dead Monkey

    happy birthday cunt

  39. You think we can spend all night talking through FB and never meet in person. I promise to give you all the intimate details of my life that I would never actually tell anyone I know.

  40. @Umm..Yeah

    HAPPY BITHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. Same thing happened to me πŸ˜›

    But I hate people and am generally an asshole, so it’s not terribly surprising.

  42. LMAO. that happened to me.
    but i kinda shrugged it off because i went out and had fun anyway.
    but it’s like, i have 120 friends & only 4 wish me happy birthday? wtf haha

    “But I hate people and am generally an asshole, so it’s not terribly surprising.”


  43. pure class

  44. And he’s upset about that?
    So sending birthday messages on facebook, is better or more important than a call, or a night out? What a loser!

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