Monday, May 11, 2009

Happy Mother’s Lame



Today we’re going to focus on Jonathan, but not for long because there’s some other news to discuss that’s way more important than a hateful young man.  In fact … let’s just leave it at this; Jonathan, not cool. No reason to bring back the “yo’ momma” jokes unless you’ve time traveled to the blacktop behind your elementary school, and especially on Mother’s Day!  Alright … now that we’ve touched on that, we here at Lamebook want to apologize for the recent lack of frequent updates and let you (special) Lamester readers know that we’ve been busy working to improve the layout and functionality of the site.  So stay tuned and we’ll smack you up with a whole ‘lotta lame real soon!
♥ The Editors

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  1. Turd.

  2. dick.

  3. Fart.

  4. Well, JonaDipShit, I wish you, your mother (who obviously hasn’t taught you jack-shit), and Autumn have a rotten day.

  5. You are rotten.

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