Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Hard Warming

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  1. First! Bitches and sluts, now get on your knees and give me a big slurpy blowjob!

  2. Next time bring your glasses, and maybe this won’t happen AGAIN.

  3. Elsior, you need help.
    Go get some help.

  4. beatusmongous

    He needs lubricant?

  5. That motherfucker needs Jesus.

  6. What a weirdo that dude is. I always take all the boxes and read them somewhere in the store where there aren’t too many people, like one of the back corners with the sports equipment, the dog food, the baby furniture, or the women’s underwear.

  7. Walter ain’t lying, I’ve seen him milking his lubed maypole while fingering the grannies buying new panties. Filthy fucking sluts.

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