Tuesday, February 12, 2013

How it really went down…

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  1. Holaaaa…..

  2. His Best Friend must be a chick.

  3. what girl wrote that mess? dudes don’t say that. comment guy has it right on.

  4. Here’s what I thought:

    She only cared about her appearance.
    So you broke up with her because she wanted to look good for you?
    Me? No, Dude, she was trying to look good for everyone else. She’d tell other dudes that I was her brother or cousin.


  6. It’s also a bit long as far as quotes go.
    The best quotes are one-liners, folks, remember that!

    (insert funny one-liner here)

  7. Even as a chick myself I think the fictional woman sounds like a crybaby psycho stalker.

  8. That’s not a damn quote, that’s a dialogue.

  9. I liked cuz I cry every time.

  10. The girl sounded a bit like Overly Attached Girlfriend. No one likes a whiny, clingy bitch.

  11. What a load of wank.

  12. The best friend sounds like a douche. Shut the fuck up and let him break up with the annoying chick.

  13. Yeah you really can’t rationalize obsession. It still sounds creepy as hell.

  14. I’m a girl and that was the most stupid writing I have read in a long time. first off no guy is talking to another guy like that not even a brother would say that crap. 2nd the ex girlfriend was way too clingy and he has every right to dump someone if he’s not feeling it. I know this was fictional but I actually took offense bc that girlfriend acted like a psycho and this is why us sane women get a bad rap. Grrrr!

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