Wednesday, July 15, 2009

How Not to Sell a House


How Not to Sell a House


Note Found On Shelly’s Front Door:

Dear Shelly,

I am sorry I hit your house with my truck. The damage ain’t too bad, so looks like it won’t cost you too much to fix. Thank God that house has got great bones, or my Dodge would have leveled the thing! Well … you take care now.

-Hank Boscoe

P.S. Heard Mikey got shot with a pellet gun. What’s this neighborhood coming to?!

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  1. sounds like a winner.

  2. Maybe she just has bad luck…

  3. Car hits house = insurance claim, dunno how that doesn’t get fixed.

  4. The insurance payout only fixes the part the truck hit. It doesn’t keep the rest of the shithole from falling down.

  5. Somebody get this woman a red jacket!

  6. Jason, I laughed really hard.

  7. Best one ever!

  8. This is like something you would see for the old carfax commercials, where its a real POS, and they try to make it sound better

  9. I like how in Hanks letter he expresses deep concern over the pellet gun incident after he drove his truck into a house.

  10. Gracenote, i was just about to say the same thing. That said, i have two points:

    1. i like how he thinks that his truck hitting her house merits a cyber-message.

    2. it is amusing how he tries to transfer focus to her son’s pellet gun incident.

  11. I am not surprised to see that it was a trailer/mobile home she was living in.

    P.S.- I think the “note” was a joke by the editors of this site.

  12. …is this for real? shit people are stupid.

  13. Correct me if i’m wrong, but i think the “note on her front door” is from the editors. However, it is still funny.

  14. lol your not wrong, they just added it for comical relief, but yeah its damn funny

  15. I don’t like the editor’s notes at all. I haven’t seen one that I thought was funny. I wish they would stop.

  16. How can you not maintain a TRAILER? I mean it’s not like it’s Buckingham Palace. How much could a box of popsicle sticks, a roll of duct tape and a pack of paper towels cost? I wonder how long it took to sell the dump after her laundry list of reasons SHE didn’t want to live there anymore. Cause and effect doesn’t even OCCUR to some people.

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