Thursday, August 23, 2012

I Dont Always Mispel Words…

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  1. Umm fake

  2. The GOP is right—- we have no need for education. That would take out most of the humor in these posts…

  3. Did either of Travis and Chad read the text? “But when I do …” specifically.


    haha god damn it

  5. ^ Thanks for giving us your email address, Travis. Expect a barrage of spam and crazy emails.

  6. ^ Right? HA!

  7. Was the “mispel” in the title intentional? I’m not sure if it’s a misspelling of the word “misspell” or if someone can actually ‘mispel’ a word.

  8. which word was misspelled?


    waiting on spam

  10. ^ Yeah, so it turns out we’re pretty lazy…

  11. …or, in some cases, completely fucking disinterested in behaving like that.


    haha lazy

  13. you don’t know me. you don’t know what I been through.

  14. Did no one at all fucking understad this post??? Did Travis even understand it???!!! Omg you fucking twats is right!

  15. ^what? just because we ignored the fucking thing, don’t mean we don’t get it. got it?

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