Thursday, June 7, 2012

I Like It!

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  1. But if you hit any of the objects that the sign is warning you about, you’re bound to go slower, Ben.

  2. Fake.

  3. Retard

  4. I have a Huge Wad!!

  5. ^of what…exactly?

  6. I like Mario Kart

  7. ^I like tits!

  8. I dunno that ‘equaliser’ is really that good a thing, Mer.
    Imagine if I was to get on your elevator at the next floor, point a gun at the entire, now-centralized group, and utilising your fear paralysis, stab you in the face with a philip’s head screwdriver, and then proceed to carve my name in your chest?

    tell me about the added benefits of equality within the group now cowering together, bonded in horror?

  9. ^you just can’t stand seeing other people happy, can you?

  10. ^how is happiness even relevant here?

  11. ^well it makes me happy.

  12. ^well good for fucking you. Ms. Im happy for you, really..

  13. ^how you feel is not important

  14. hey, it may not be important…but I feel REALLY fucking good right now!

  15. I haven’t finished enough of this bottle of cab sav to have lowered my standards down to whatever the fuck you’re talking about.

  16. You have standards Ms.? I’m shocked, and disgusted! They’re worse than cooties!

  17. cab sav? la de fucking da.

    probably boone’s.

  18. Capn, it’s pretty fucking hard to be continually awesome without some seriously high bloody standards.
    How the fuck could this surprise you?

  19. You might be surprised at what could surprise me Ms., I guess it depends on what we’re talking about..

  20. yes. what we’re talking about.

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