Thursday, June 7, 2012

Wow, Mom!

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  1. It was good until they highlighted in yellow…

  2. What the hell is wrong with an adult who would post something like this for the world to see, especially her child. Stupid old idiot should have her internet license revoked.

  3. I’m guessing the pussy was free before she was divorced, too – just now it’s more “legal.” Whore.

  4. One month doesn’t seem like a large enough window of opportunity.

  5. I fucked Maria. She’s a whore.

  6. @9 did you Fuck Terra also?

  7. @4, after that, she charges $5 per hour.

  8. Yes, Darth. She was skinnier so I also ate her pussy.

  9. 9 is fake.

  10. FFS, wat’s with that yellow stuff? For me personally, the word “Mom….” already gave it away, but that’s because I’ve been watching shitloads of Sherlock Holmes episodes lately.

  11. Dirty old whore. And buckle-up, I lol’d.

  12. How odd that you were post 9, T1000.
    I would have thought someone of your superiority would have anticipated that and remarked with greater clarity.
    However, post 9 being a fake is correct, so you are not wrong.

  13. why not blur out cassie?

  14. Maybe because she was the most attractive of the lot?

  15. she divorced her pimp?

  16. Yeah, I really could not tell that was her daughter.

  17. John seems a little desperate.

    Like, jizzing in his pants just thinking about it desperate.

  18. I haven’t met you, it maybe crazy, but here’s my number…. fuck me baby.

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