Thursday, June 7, 2012

Ungodly Grammar

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  1. FIST

  2. Ray sounds like the unlucky byproduct of an incestuous relationship.

  3. oh man, fucking hell.
    do I be glad the xians are finally dropping the homophobia horseshit, or do I continue to weep nights because there are still xians?

  4. Priests have been ‘slamming gays in the name of religion’ for fucking ages…

    Normally slamming them right up the shit winker with their dirty, sinning, priest pole of power. I think if you are in anyway religious you’re a bit of a backdoor bashing bastard anyway.

    In short if you believe in God you like cocks in your bum.

  5. Wow that wasn’t bigoted at all. Way to carpet bomb, a-hole

  6. did anybody else think read Rays post in Forest Gumps voice?

  7. I am very religious.

  8. ^ OCD is a condition, not a religion.

  9. ^prolly a scientologist then. that’s not a religion, either.

  10. and what is NateK wiffling on about? someone clearly upset the poor poppet. look. he used a naughty word; ‘a-hole’.
    what a cunt, eh?

  11. Lol nice one, who spiked your drink MsThrope?

  12. And I defer to your knowledge of cunts lol

  13. I VERY disrespectfully disagree with Ray. Maybe he should use an iota of common sense.

  14. Some gays enjoy getting slammed.

  15. Oh man, I wanna punch Ray in the face so bad. Hate dicks like him with the firey passion of a thousand clown fires.

  16. Religion is Fake

  17. Why blur his name, then show his twitter account?

  18. Ahh, and we got a shoutout too

  19. BorderlineDane

    I choose to be on hogwarts….dammit..didn´t work

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