Wednesday, April 11, 2012

I Love You Dad

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  1. i don’t think i get it

  2. …or in fact, i suspect it could be that it’s just not funny

  3. ^It is not that funny.

  4. This is so fake.

  5. I wonder if liver cancer runs in their family?

  6. I wonder sometimes if everything funny has already been said? It makes me sad

  7. you might be right teeko. I tried to think of something funny just now and I got nothing. I hope to God I didn’t use up all my wit on the Canadians. What a waste that would be.

  8. Uh…. I’m Canadian and I can positively say you didn’t waste any wit on us whatsoever. Or perhaps I was out on my dog sled that day and missed it 😉

  9. no teeko. I just imagine it went straight over your microcephalic head.

  10. Go Maple Leafs!

  11. Well MsEry, if that is your idea of wit, it has also escaped me. Or perhaps mine is not on an infantile level enough. I shall practice being a dullard and at some point may be able to appreciate your wit.

  12. @Capn.. I thank you for your appreciation of our hockey team, but I am a summer fan and appreciate the Riders. Hockey makes me die.

  13. ….football is not even a sport. Do those guys get to even break a sweat in between the constant whistles

  14. fuck sakes! don’t ever practice being a dullard, teeko. you already suck more than enough.
    I’m fairly sure that any more sucking coming from you would probably rip open a black hole.

  15. …if i understand astrophysics correctly.

  16. I suck more than enough. bwahahaha
    Don’t you even feel stupid for posting something as addle brained as that?

  17. Msanne you barely understand the fundamentals of life.

  18. are you talking to yourself?
    I think that would be a great idea if you just fucked off and talked to yourself.

  19. god dang anne, you must be the queen of the comments section. do you ever get tired of trying so hard in the silliest spot on the internet?

  20. Lame. Also, this is fake. T1000 has seen it a million times before.

  21. it keeps me more regular than all-bran, motherfucker.

  22. ^ so what you’re saying is you shit like a trooper? you drop heavy bricks on a daily basis? that sort of thing?

  23. eat like a bird, shit like an elephant.

  24. sounds painful!

  25. you need to expand your horizons, son.

  26. … or expand your arse, if you want to shit like MsAnne

  27. really? i left it wide open and that was the best you had?
    your dead grandmother is ashamed of you.

  28. i’m really touched that both of you would take such an active interest in my bowel health! it’s great and one of the things i like best about this site, the sense of mutual support and understanding going on in these comments threads.
    i’m very pleased to advise though that there is certainly nothing wrong with my poop chute. it delivers its payloads on an almost clockwork-like basis, and the size of those payloads, whilst sometimes a little alarming to me, are hugely gratifying to pass.
    i’m sure you’re both breathing a huge sigh of relief, right now!

  29. As much as I hate to say it we need people like ms. Life wouldn’t be as fun or arguementive or indeed colorful without her or people like them. Peace today ms. Not in the mood.

  30. ^ them’s fightin’ words!!

  31. #29. pussy

  32. My grand-daughter drinks like me too… we often have to fight over the lactating breast of her mother.

  33. ^ heh..wait…really? o.O loves me a bit of incest

  34. @29 time to reevaluate your life, loser.

  35. @33, not necessarily incest, he could be having an affair with his son’s hot wife.

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