Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I’m SOOOO Pissed On!


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  1. um, a baby doesn’t understand the concept of “getting even”….


  3. I’m speechless. Poor baby, I can see him as a grown up full of traumas. Specially if he ever gets to read this himself.

  4. i think its fukin terrible ! i have a 8 month old daughter who pisses and shits on me its not her fault shes a baby she hasnt learnd to control it ! even if it is a joke i find it really offensive bein a mother to a young child ! she needs reportin a think its fukin rong and its reely fukd me off ! :@

  5. Exaggerating for effect. I’m sure she didn’t actually pee on her child. Not funny or clever, though.

  6. Pfft, you’re all mad at her now, but you were ALL laughing when that guy posted a status message about having sex with a baby.

    Buncha hypocrites.

    I can’t find the link, but I’m sure I remember that you all cheered that guy on for his sense of humor.

  7. @xxxx I’m guessing you’re like 15 too.
    Clearly you can’t spell worth shit.
    Just saying.

  8. @ mcowles

    That wasn’t my recollection of the response that ‘sex with a baby’ post to be honest.

    It became obvious fairly early on that the user in question had been sabotaged or hacked.

    In any rate, that ‘sex with a baby’ post related to a supposed sick fantasy, and in actual fact was evidently poor humour and was not even a genuine status – as it seemed one of his arsehole friends had hacked his FB page and posted the offending status.

    Bianca however, refers to an act she claims to have actually perpetrated herself on a defenseless baby – which is altogether different if you ask me….

    This is some seriously f$%^ed up business that should be reported to the local Australian authority.

  9. Loving the inherent racism that has come out in some of these replies…..

  10. Am I the only one with a boner

  11. #79 You’re Australian, I’m Australian, and you just called me a cunt. I guess that makes us good mates.

  12. I have a ritual called “terminator”. I crouch in the shower in the “naked terminator” pose. With eyes closed I crouch for a minute and visualize either Arnie or the guy from the 2nd movie. I then start to hum the T2 theme. Slowly I rise to a standing position and open my eyes. It helps me get through my day. The only problem is if the shower curtain sticks to my terminator leg. It sorta ruins the fantasy.

  13. @Gaybriel: “4. she thinks only peeing on ‘the lower half of his body’ (whatever that means) makes the whole ‘pissing on a baby’ thing ok.”

    It makes it more okay than positioning yourself directly over the baby’s face so that the urine stream gets in its eyes, nose and mouth…

  14. I HIGHLY doubt that she’s be arrested for peeing on her son. Yeah, she probably shouldn’t have done it, but seriously… “lock her up, there’s urine on the baby!”

    When I say “she probably shouldn’t have done it” I mean “she definitely shouldn’t have done it”.

    Maybe she just snapped? Her husband just got done hitting her and her mom just called her stupid and took away her allowance. Her Uncle said she was too fat to molest anymore and all she had left was the love of her baby… and he fucking peed on her!!!!

  15. Oh. My. God.

  16. @85- innocent children are culled all over the world due to the associated financial and emotional strain involved. Abortion techniques are not available all over the world, and sometimes they’re a coat hanger. Children are casualties in wars that they know nothing about…


  17. Judging by the, “dw i jus pissed on his bottom half of his body”, I don’t think she was kidding around. Maybe that’s just me. But, since we know nothing about this lady besides the fact that she’s lacking in the common sense department (whether she peed on the baby or not, she’s still pretty dense to have posted such a thing on Facebook), it’s not Lamebooks moral responsibility to “report her” to CPS. She could just have a morbid sense of humor that only her friends are used to, and understand. If not, chances are, they probably gave her a good talking to. *shrugs*

    Like Gaybriel stated earlier though, I’m curious as to what the replies to that status were.

  18. Btw ryanoceros – I totally understand your argument but…apathy isn’t always the solution.

  19. @ #71
    I am Canadian and the place I would most like to visit in the world is New Zealand.
    My pops lived there before I was born for a few years.

    Anyway, I agre with the majority of you that this is dispicable and should be reported.
    I would also have enjoyed seeing any replies this dumb bitch got.

  20. mikehawk – you really need some therapy

    biance – as a mother myself i cannot even begin to describe my disgust to you! Yes little boys wee on you, they don’t do it intentionaly though. What you did is vile and pathetic.

    oh and to all who said that isn’t child abuse im sorry but that is classed as abuse!

    i certinaly hope this status was fake

  21. This is one of the funniest things I have read in ages…!

    On the serious side though – to all those haters – mothers are human too, entitled to be pissed off with someone pissing on them as anyone else. Stop pretending mothers are superhuman and emotionless robots not allowed to react to anything.
    Yep – they crack it sometimes – it happens. I would rather see them vent ‘symbolically’ like this than pick up the little bugger and shake it/throw it across the room etc.

    I think I would not be able to control myself (dirty little bastard how dare he piss on me???!!!!) hence – no kids for me…!

  22. …PS….
    Would love to know if it worked…?


  23. wow bianca…your a stupid bitch who dosen’t deserve to be a parent.

  24. You can pee on me if you want…

  25. In terms of people thinking it may be a joke, I don’t think she would have felt the need to specify that it was on the bottom half of his body if it was not true. So sad and sickening!

  26. Some people are just not ready for motherhood.

  27. I seriously hope that whoever put this on here also called child services. Holy Christ! What a crazy bitch.

  28. R-kelly is a woman?

  29. Amen, #85!!


  31. Please tell me this is fake

  32. Of course its a joke!!!!

    I can’t belive all the uptight splitarse’s on here shouting call the CPS…..the CPS would find it funny too!!!!!

    Just to clear it up for you all, I dont know her, I found it funny and yes it is a joke…..so pipe down bitches!!!

  33. Oh freaking jesus, what a bunch of weenies you guys are. If I had a baby, I’d do a lot worse than peeing on it. That is nothing. How is that abuse? Stupid baby probably didnt even notice,because he was too busy pissing and shitting himself.

  34. lol wtf R, so youre saying that if you had a baby and i rolled in and pissed on it that wouldnt be abuse??? hahaha, man you sure you havent got some shit of you posted on this site ya freak.

  35. All this is verrrry confusing. I mean, if R Kelly got together with Bianca, then who’d pee on who? Not a childish question, but a question a child might ask.

  36. I don’t find this lame, more horrifying.

  37. If she wants to pee on someone, she can piss on me! Nothing better than a golden shower!

  38. I don’t care what country you are from, This is absolutely disgusting!!!! Sounds like she has Post-natal Depression to me…

    BTW Don’t put down Australia because that is apparently the Nationality of the Mother!!! I’m sure if you looked in your own neighbourhood you would find others the same!!!!

  39. this is based off of a web comic called least i could do. here is the link

  40. PingPonginDingDang

    The concept of a parent vengefully peeing on a child is pretty funny.
    Only slightly more funny than the ensuing eighty million bored-with-my-own-life rants about child abuse.

    I don’t usually bother to read the comments here, but I’m totally going to make it part of the routine.

    Because this stuff is GOLD.

    That was not intended to be a pee joke. But it can be.
    If that’s what you’re into.

    Oh, and guess what folks:
    when I was a kid my little brother took a piss on me because I wouldn’t give him his turn playing the Atari.

    He is now finishing out a 23 year sentence in Rikers.

    You know…

    for the abuse.

  41. very funny post.. kudos to bianca

  42. I just can’t get pissed over this.

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