Monday, May 9, 2011

Riled Up Relationships

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  1. Teddy – since Maria got out of a shitty marriage she didn’t want. Stop being such a holier-than-thou pile of shit.

  2. @boomstick, exactly what I was thinking. Not all marriages end well.

  3. I like Christopher. Goes right for the most parsimonious explanation.

    Teddy is gonna want to get that stick out of his ass.

  4. Teddy: Not all marriages are ‘sacramental’, douche-rocker. Often “til death do us part” results in said ‘death’ coming much sooner in the form of suicide, but I’m sure you wouldn’t know much about that, being that you’re probably trapped in the ’50s and all.

  5. I would bet that that is her husband and he’s at least somewhat disappointed in her decision.

  6. ifitwerentformyhorse

    A stick that’s stuck up an ass is hard to get out. There’s lots of rectal bleeding involved, so I can see why Teddy wouldn’t want to bother not talking like a pompous ass.

    Christopher, him I like.

  7. I agree with lexluther. Guess it’s her husband and is rather bitter… One can’t be blamed.

  8. littleredcorvette

    Hey Teddy, since when is it your job to tell someone how to deal with life-changing events?

  9. Good job Teddy, she’s going to hell for that!

  10. Since when did you ever care about her emotions Teddy? She’s smiling because she doesn’t have to deal with your square ass any longer. I’m surprised she didn’t put up a Facebook event rightly named “Divorce BBQ w/open bar!”. What would you have said then Teddy?!

  11. Holy crap! I think tamedshrew knows Teddy. lol

  12. If it’s anything other than “mine’s a pint” then he’s a lying toerag.

  13. Bwahaha @Wallace. Nah, if I did, divorce would be the least of his worries.

  14. As far as I’m concerned, every single time, Teddy.

  15. I’m pretty sure Teddy is the one she’s divorcing. Either that or an overbearing relative, it’s definitely the same last name.

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