Thursday, March 18, 2010

Info We Didn’t Need to Know

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  1. @ mc: Nice one!

  2. oh, mcowles, pleasepleaseplease start a twitter account.

  3. Wow this is all just a bag of fun! Loving these posts.

    @mcowles you are just too hilarious. I think I will make my way here more often just to read your comments. xP I thought the same thing you did (about free lube) before I got to your comment. Then I thought, nah, that’s disgusting and they’d all have my head. Then I read yours and BUSTED OUT LAUGHING. The joke is AWESOME btw, but one slight problem. 🙁 Alli is EXPENSIVE. If he is unemployed then it’d be cheaper just to buy condoms & lube over Alli LOL. Still effing hilarious though. (And I suppose one could argue, “well she still had some pills before he became unemployed…” yadda yadda.) You are a genius!

  4. lol

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