Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Intolerant and Illiterate

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  1. …Seriously?

  2. WOW!

  3. The dumb bitch Bryna, probably doesn’t even know that Niger is a country

  4. To be honest, Niverville is a pretty stupid sounding name. Nigerville sounds much better.

  5. uhm, me thinks there was room for the other ‘G’. anyways yes being a dbag is so cool anyways who cares if this he or she? can’t spell (that was sarcasm)

  6. Lamebook shouldn’t have pixelized this bitch’s name…

  7. Nor should they have included Stephan’s last comment. They should have stopped with Bryna’s last, in order to further emphasize what a cretin she is.

  8. so im assuming bryna got busted for posting the vandalism on fb and admitting to it?

  9. odoyle10 I imagine so, given that these are from nearly two years ago. Probably not hard to track her down. How many Brynas could there possibly be in Niverville, Manitoba, population 2,455? (NOTE: Black population 10)

  10. i wanna know y there’s 4 months between two comments? like did she come back to it nd re-comment on it jus for more attention?

  11. So Lamebook, what’s with the ads??
    From right top to bottom: The smurfs on Wii, cool shirts for summer with two bare-chested chicks wearing rolled up stPatricks day shirts -which by the way is in MARCH, not summer- and last but not least: an ad for ‘nontoxic sexual toys for empowered adults’. And to top the whole sad collection… Next to the sextoys one there is an ad for Unicef, with the little azian warchilds face turned directly at the big purple vibrator. Really lamebook. Your target group is pedophile wiiing sextoying faketanned Irish wannabe´s?? I should submit.

  12. Wonder how long it took the police to contact Bryna..Stupid ass..

  13. hootie the blowfish

    It’s 2011. Who still doesn’t have plug-ins to block ads on their Web browser?

  14. well I hope someone reports that little bitch. what a moron.

  15. Did somebody say “two bare-chested chicks jumping on a trampoline?”

  16. Ladyda – shut the fuck up and get adblock.


  17. Someone find Bryna and remove her uterus immediately, we can’t risk her breeding.

  18. I live near Niverville. It’s a Mennonite town.

  19. And if someone perchance mentions adblock, I already have Steverblock installed. Can’t have both running at the same time.
    Yes walter, there was a trampoline too.

  20. Ad block doesn’t work for crap for me…actually not even crap. Doesn’t work at all! I use Google Chrome, and downloaded all the “Ad block” anything I could for plug ins…nothing has changed at all.

  21. You use google chrome? That is why

  22. If you guys want to stop seeing ads that you find either annoying or inappropriate, just install Mozilla Firefox, then the Adblock Plus Plug In.

    That should solve all your ad issues.

  23. Holy f**k. You’re a German, so you should agree with my racist a** on this one? Grrrrrrrrrrr. As a huge fan of Rammstein (German rock band) and German language and culture in general, I’m always, ALWAYS, extremely pissed when someone thinks racism = Germans. Can I shoot her, please?

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