Thursday, June 16, 2011

Is It Friday?

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  1. A Friday joke. How… Innovative and up-to-date…

  2. Omg I so had the oppurtunity to say first but I forgot my password… OT: Why does he live under a cultural rock for not konwing the lyrics of friday? It just means he’s not into internet memes.

  3. it’s not innovative, but still funny as hell 🙂

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  6. No Casey, Eric is not “under a cultural rock” for not knowing about that whole Rebecca Black mess. YOU, however, should maybe get out of the fucking house once in a while.

  7. Since when is youtube considered “culture”

    Anyway my husband didn’t know who Rebecca Black was until the other day when I showed him Katy Perry’s new video, he just doesn’t spend his life on the internet.

  8. Obviously they meant the social/media culture.
    Since when have you had your head so far stuck up your ass?

    Considering this Rebecca Black chick has gotten attention ALL over the fucking place. The INTERNET is not the only place you could possibly find her.
    I’ve seen her on TV, and heard things about her on the radio.
    Fuck shes also been in a few national newspapers in the “entertainment” sections.

    You must be living under a fucking rock if you have NEVER heard of her.

  9. MistressSlayer said exactly what I thought. She has been on international news and radio stations across the globe as well as having one of the most viewed videos on youtube. For someone to not have heard of her would have required them to be totally cut off from any form of media around the time she was big. “ooh get off your computer I’m so much better than this person because I lead such a non internet based lifestyle” Despite the fact you have a login for and are commenting on an internet site??

  10. Even I’ve heard of her, and I’m deaf.

    Gotta admit, though, I don’t know the words to “Friday.” LOL

  11. Mistress/Pete: To know OF her is one thing; to be so intimately familiar with the lyrics of Godawful song of hers is quite another. Casey is definitely the tool in this scenario, not Eric.

  12. *that Godawful song

  13. I saw the video once and didn’t get this until the kicking part. He may recognize her name and not the song. In any case, it was lame, so it works. Lame on her part, I mean.

  14. Think that makes Casey cool…

  15. “She has been on international news and radio stations across the globe” (#9)

    Don’t be daft, of course she hasn’t. What kind of news stations do you watch?

  16. I dont understand any of this but im almost 35 so im proud i dont.

  17. If Casey was really cultural he or she wouldn’t be making Rebecca Black jokes. SOOOO old and played out. What an idiot.

  18. buckle_up I meant her song and information about her. She hasn’t personally been on any as far as I know, but she definitely has been majorly overplayed on international radio stations and talked about on various news networks. I live in the UK so I would know.

  19. I know what you meant. I’m merely challenging your assertion that she’s been on news stations “accross the globe”. In most countries, the news stations have more important issues to cover.

  20. Who gives a turd what she is doing, I had no clue what this status was about, and I feel sorry for those who did. Fail Casey.

  21. Oh goodness, I so meant Eric… Comment Fail!

  22. lolaeffingbunny

    I’ve heard of her but I have never bothered to listen to her song, didn’t know the name of the song, and still have no idea why there is a buzz about this girl.

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