Wednesday, October 3, 2012

It’s About Time…

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  1. Somewhere on Facebook is some fat dude going “some young muscular guy kept staring at me at gym…”

  2. By 2015, its said 50% of Americas population will be overweight, and 25% of overweight considered obese… looks like we know where the future of lamebook is going

  3. over to fat pride?
    is anyone else sick of all the roly-poly fuckers spraying out big globs of sweat cream and cake crumbs; ‘It isn’t my fault I’m overweight. I’m on medication and it makes me retain water.Omm nom nom. burp.”

    October is anti-bullying month. That means things are pretty busy back at troll HQ.

  4. sounds like MsAnneThrope is pretty busy at the nerd HQ, she is talking about online trolling and were supposed to think she isnt fat? LOL

  5. MsAnnThrope – that may be the best god damn thing I have read all day.

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  7. ^”US and UK residents are prioritized”?? That’s illegal discrimination. I’m going to sue your company and make $321,354 in one month.

  8. don’t be so cruel franky, their countries aren’t doing very flash atm.
    Frankly, I believe that the americans, in particular, may even qualify as genuine economic refugees.
    Turns that basing your entire future plan on a neverending cycle of war and pillage wasn’t as well thought-out as everyone believed.

  9. Does that mean we’re going to start getting Yanks turning up on boats and taking our jobs?


    …puts an interesting slant on your last sentence

  10. ^ I’m already packing my suitcases.

  11. ^we don’t let felons in.

  12. ..unless they’re famous.

  13. …and talk about a coincidence, there’s an ad on the side of the page advertising mike tysons appearance in Sydney. How fun.

  14. said it before, saying it again;- NZ > ausfailure.

  15. Who said anything about you letting me in? If I’m a felon, I’ll let myself in.

  16. oh noes! who will stop the boats?

  17. I know you won’t, because you don’t give a shit.

  18. It’s everyone’s world. Artificial state-controlled borders can kiss my ass. I won’t support them.
    So, yes, I say let the boats come. And good fucking luck to them.

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