Tuesday, August 18, 2009

It’s Complicated



Lamester Review:


It definitely wasn’t complicated to figure out who today’s lamester award goes to. Sierra, we congratulate you! It sounds like you have had a pretty rough year, while ol’ Gary has been livin’ it up. So here is your award. Go shove it in Gary’s face. Who knows? He just might take you back.


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  1. Apparently some women love abuse. Sierra and Jade need to link up methinks.

    One loves to get emotionally abused , the other likes a thumb in her ass.

    Sounds like a sitcom!

  2. wow I have a few of thoes crazy dumb people that need to cut the rope from their relationships ……… do they not care that people see how fucked they are I sometimes just wanna post shit on their walls saying fuck enough!

  3. hahaha what a PSYCHO!

    garry FTW!

  4. I am about 3 times as old as Sierra, to take an educated guess. To say that she has went from being single to “in a relationship” about 560 times more than I already have, would also be an educated guess.

    (Of course, by the end of this month, it could be 600 times more.)

  5. *she has gone from…

  6. Holy wtf!!! This is gold! Love it!

  7. Really…?
    This is probably the most pathetic thing I have ever seen. Honestly, I wouldn’t have even bothered changing my status anymore. That would just get annoying. Geez woman, learn to let go.

  8. I love this crap. Sierra is an idiot. Great example of some of the idiot trash we have in this world

  9. Grillfrang, get it together.

  10. Absolutely hopeless.

  11. Sierra used to be indecisive. Now she’s not sure…

  12. people are retarded

  13. @Tingaling its way over that, its like 16 months that are recorded on here alone

  14. why 9 year olds shouldnt be allowed facebook

  15. lmfao. I couldn’t stop laughing. god what a psycho pathetic clingy girl. was anyone else waiting, near the end, for it to say “Sierra went from being single to sexist lesbian.” (I know that obviously isn’t a change that can be made, but yeah)

  16. 😯

  17. I think Gary had a lot of funny days! ;o)

  18. OMG. Sierra = double personality??? probably.

  19. “Sierra: is starting the new year off right… with no complications…”
    “Sierra has gone from being ‘single’ to ‘in a relationship with Garry’.

    I think that these two status updates combined make one of the greatest things I have ever read anywhere… but only in this post. So… the post is the greatest thing I have read anywhere.
    *shuffles out*

  20. WikidJuggaloPanda

    my ex and i broke up and got back together four times over a year and three months, and i used to think that was the stupidest relationship ever. thanks to lame book, i now know that there are even more stupid teenage relationships.

  21. lmao. this is hilarious. amazing things happen on facebook.

  22. WOW.

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