Friday, May 7, 2010

It’s Gonna be a FANtastic Friday!

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  1. ben

  2. these aren’t that great but i definitely use my phone to check my email, etc. while i’m in the bathroom. i’ll admit it!

  3. there is a guy on my floor at work that talks on his cell phone in the bathroom stall. i find it disturbing.

  4. women do that at my work too! i think that’s so rude and gross. i might check stuff on my phone but i’d never have a loud conversation for everyone to hear while i’m in a public restroom. so awkward.

  5. I play super nintendo on my phone in the crapper (with the sound off of course).

  6. In college, I used to wait until I knew my friends were in class and then leave messages with nothing but the sound of me peeing in the toilet on thier answering machines. I stand by those decisions.

  7. Guess I’m the slutty friend.

  8. I’m drunk and am about to have mince and rice. Have a nice night everyone!

  9. I’m not sure you’re slutty enough if it took a Facebook group to point it out to you, gusset.

  10. Mince and rice? That just sounds gross.

    Also, in my group of friends the ‘slutty’ one has changed, I think we’ve all had our moment of glory with that title.

  11. @chiiro: agreed. mince and rice sounds gross. jmdp should go with bangers and mash.

  12. These kind of suck , I didn’t even giggle 🙁

  13. JustAnotherAsian

    not a really fantastic friday Lambook. they’re not funny at all, just a bit lame.

  14. Come on Lamebook, that last one’s REALLY pushing it, no?

  15. rebarbativebecc

    Mmm not too funny

  16. Can someone translate “BMing” into aussie for me? Obviously I get the gist but what does BM stand for?

  17. badasscooldude

    Bowel Moving?

    I like to read while I’m shitting.

  18. The combination of what Peta likes in that order is disturbing…

  19. The BMing dude has his feet positioned kinda funny for that activity. I guess because I am older I firmly brace my feet on the floor for stability and leverage.

  20. BAHAHAA mass I lol’d.

    And yes, BM stands for bowl movement.

  21. I know this is not my diary but … I used to walk this ladies dog when I was about 10. She would always ask me if he had a “B.M.” I wasn’t 100% sure what she meant but would say ‘yes’ only because the dog had shat and then she would give me a quarter.

  22. MonkeyCMonkeyDo

    That was a lovely story mass…

    Now how about one of those “This one time, in band camp…” ones?

  23. mass, I read and liked your little story. I appreciate some people’s anecdotes on here, especially when there isn’t much to work with on the post.

    By the way, midgets scare me a little.

  24. I can say this cos I dated one a couple of years ago. Well, he wasn’t technically a midget, but he was very short, and I’m not that tall, but I felt Amazonian next to him. He had the cliche short man complex going on too.

    The thing that scared me the most about him wasn’t his height though, it was more that he wanted to start up a Bruce Springsteen cover band. He really believed he sounded like him, and that he would be successful at it. The whole experience drove me nuts.

    Last I heard, he hadn’t quit his day job.

    There you go MonkeyC.

  25. Oh, he did have one claim to fame…

    This one time, he belted out a few tunes with a lesbian band at a cruddy local club.

  26. thanks wordperv @24 … I appreciate that.

    Where’s malteaser these days?

  27. …and I love lesbian bands, especially local.

  28. Pluto is not a planet anymore because of its small mass. So if you were to extend the planet classification standards to people (for whatever reason) then a fat midget would still be a person, but an anorexic person or a child wouldn’t be.

  29. butterflysandsocks

    #5- I wonder what Freud would say…

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  31. lol


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