Monday, June 8, 2009

Jakey’s a Fakey


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  1. This is a lollercoaster by the time you get to the bottom.

  2. bahahaha

  3. Who the hell likes their own status updates?

  4. hahah, I sent this link to him.

  5. hahaha oswy

    herps doesn’t like single guys

  6. i think it’s hilarious that he’s looking for a relationship after all those comments.


  7. Yup. That’s the joke, Chels. Glad you got it.

  8. No, the joke is he’s overcompensating for his lack of relationship. Classic case of sour grapes; dangle some poontang in front of him and he’ll want to wife it immediately.

  9. I think he doth protest too much… psst, Jake, your desperation is showing! No one is buying it!

  10. lmao gold

  11. We have the same birthday, just different years.

  12. Eve he himself knows hes Fake…Fakey!!!

  13. this is a masterpiece.

  14. @ OhCrap – Yes, that was definitely the point of this post…And we all care, too.

  15. Who is he trying to convince?

  16. @VR – Himself. Thought that was obvious.

  17. Everyone knows that when Jake goes to bed he goes into fetal position, cries like a bitch while whispering to himself like a lunatic, “Single life is the best! I haven’t fucked in months but single life is the best!! SINGLE LIFE IS THE BEST”. Dude, just throw yourself in front of a moving train.

  18. LMAO he’s such a douche. This is the best site ever!

  19. I want an update for when he gets in a relationship.
    That should be just as entertaining.

  20. LOL Incredibly lame. “Looking for a relationship” Haha too funny.

  21. haha i just found him on FB.

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