Thursday, May 14, 2009

JoRdAN ♥’s BoOzE


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  1. Proud to beh a Chrishun…hic!

  2. that’s a lot of wine. or maybe you’re a lightweight.

  3. Drunks make the best Christians

  4. Freshman?

  5. She must’ve been so drunk she accidentally ended up clicking on the Proud To Be Christian group and joining it.

    Studying while drunk? I don’t know about that…

  6. 2007? How long as the submitter kept than one hidden?

  7. I guess about two years?

  8. Jesus must be so proud of Jordan for drinking so much of his juice!

  9. Oh, come on. She started drinking on the break, who doesn’t drink up then? It’s not a lot of wine over TWO MONTHS, which is how long these posts spanned.

    And Alex, she was studying 3 days after gettng drunk. I just don’t know how she was studying while on Facebook.

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