Thursday, July 28, 2011

Jugg Heads

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  1. Thanks for the tempting invite Kevin, but I’m not sure I’d meet your stander’s.

  2. Remember kids, he’s 6,1 and 210 lbs. Which according to my male height/weight chart, is…average. You do not want to fuck with the family or friends of an average juggalo.

  3. comparethemeerkat

    He’s 6’1 and he’s tonnes of fun and he dresses to a T, he’s got more clothes than Mohammed Ali and he dresses so viciously…
    He’s got bodyguards, he’s got two big cars and he definitely ain’t the wack, he’s got a Lincoln Continental and a brand new Cadillac.

    Nah, he’s just a fat juggalo with no mates.

  4. vaginalroundhouse

    Holy crap I was in some alternate Universe yesterday and I come back to this? Clowns? Where’s my wooden cooking spoon so I can disembowel this person.

  5. The sweet little old Amish looking lady really pulls that last picture together.

  6. I am totally the life of the pastry. Mmm. Pastry.

  7. Dawn of the Dan

    Miss Cat, where in the world do you live..?
    6’1″ is WAY above average height no matter what chart you have.

  8. LOL @ #5.

    6’1 / 210 is not average. It might be average for phase 1 of sumo training.

    This whole subculture needs to go die in a fire. I’m so glad I live nowhere near Michigan or Ohio.

  9. Perhaps because I live in the Alps. My mistake.

  10. I love lamebook. I learn things. I did not know what a Juggalo was. I had heard the term before, but this post made me Google it.

  11. pineappleicecream

    Ahh Kevin, I agree, nothing hearts me anymore either. I do love a guy that’s the life of the pastry though. Give me a call, maybe i’ll meet your stander’s.

  12. gomerinthegrass

    Look how proud the dad is, wont even show his face in the family photos lol

  13. Idk, judging by the picture, if he’s 6’1, then the women are like 5’8 and the dad is around 6’8. I think he’s full of shit….

  14. @labiusmaximus: I thought all three entries there were the same person at first too, but JuggaloSlim’s first name is not Kevin, so I think they are all different people. At least the first and second entries are different people.

  15. yourmothersayshi

    there was a time in my misguided youth that i listened to insane clown posse. that time has come and gone and im not too proud of it. but at least i didnt fucking paint my face like a fucking fool. what a retarded subculture.

  16. I don’t know. Maybe juggalo’s the facepainted guy in the last pic and Kevin’s his fat brother?

    I wonder which brother’s marrying his sister?

    But let’s not mock the Amish. In a post-apocalyptic world without cars and electricity, the Amish will rule the world!

  17. This brings back memories of the whole Juggalo Julez baby fiasco… Those people should not be allowed to marry or reproduce.

  18. I think what miss cat was saying is 6’1″/210 is an average height/ weight ratio

    but anyways, I would love to meet this freak in person, I want to see what he does when I insult his family or whatever and go toe-to-toe with him
    Him-6’1″, 210lbs
    Me- 6’7″, 285
    wonder if he still thinks he’s a bad-ass then lol

  19. bigbluewhale134

    I very much would like to meet you both in person.
    Me: 110 ft, 264 555 lbs

    Anyone fancy a meet-up?

  20. #7, He could be from Netherlands though – or Dinara Alps … – from your link.
    I think all three are the same guy – in that case that grandma is 5’9″?

  21. I’d rather be a never-nude than a dipshit with the compulsion to paint my GD face everyday. I remember a senior in my high school painted his face for a whole week…and I, being a freshman prick, asked him if he put new paint on his face everyday or just didn’t bathe.

    I found out later (after being scolded by another senior) that he had emotional issues…ya think??

  22. #20 lol very nice

  23. I think I missed this version of the ‘The Hills Have Eyes’.

  24. He isn’t necessarily the life of the pastry; he could be trying to say that if he has to, he’ll be the wife of the pastry. Twinkee anyone?

  25. drchalkwitheringlicktacklefeff

    Dawn of the Dan; I think that Miss Cat meant that the guy is of an average weight proportional to his height. Which he is.

  26. If that’s Kevin in his picture (fourth along, between two white jokers) I’d find it pretty hard to be scared. The curly haired, red faced little cherub with a freakishly small middle finger. I doubt he’d actually get invited to any parties/pastries.

  27. Creep alert

  28. Juggalos are the worst people on the planet. If you’re not a Juggalo they gangup on you and try to convert you like witnesses on acid. It’s all extreamly embaressing. They got good drugs, though…

  29. I used to listen to those guys for the longest time. Part of the reason I got out of it is because of idiots like these. The ones who can’t spell, have no job, and feel like they have to live “the life” every single day. I’m married with 2 kids, a very good paying job and an education. Got tired of the “you don’t look like the type” and people talking to me like I was some kind of moron. It’s rather funny though…the “band” has gone rather mainstream now…hmm.

  30. i would love to meet this dude in person.he seems hilarious and someone who i could rip into him and his hick family

  31. I have found the first guy!!!!!!! 🙂

  32. I think Kevin contradicts himself a little. He doesn’t feel anything, yet it makes him mad when people talk about his family?

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