Monday, May 9, 2016

Just a thought…

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  1. Blargh. Child support IS used to pay for the kids. But sometimes, you have to spend the money for rent, clothes, food, etc before you get it. So you may be broke because you had to spend all of your own money on these things, and you’re waiting on the child support check so you can buy any damn thing. I don’t have kids, but that child support meant so much to my family growing up.

  2. difficultchicken

    I think you said it best. “I don’t have kids.”

  3. Get a job

  4. Stories like this just make me angry! Waste of lives on so many levels and tax payer funds it for no benefit to society.

  5. Even if dartgirl is correct (say hi to your kids 🙂 .. It just shows a lack of caring that you’re getting hard earned tax payers money by posting this status in the first place.. “ money for cigs.. can’t take waiting any longer” would have served the purpose of getting his/her point across without pissing people off.

  6. “I’m out of heroin. Come on child support.” Same thing.

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