Friday, December 18, 2009

Just Don’t Reply



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  1. What’s idk?

  2. OK, late to the party but I just wanna say that creepy, random pickup attempts make me angry. Like, flames on the sides of my face. I’ve been putting up with this kind of crap since I was 13 years old, and I’m average looking! I’m surprised the really good looking girls don’t snap and go around shooting guys in the crotch. Perhaps this is where the idea that all hot girls are bitches came from, because they must have to spend a good portion of their day every day dealing with idiots like Aaron. I wish someone would provide just ONE instance of this type of lame attempt to get laid EVER working so I could understand why men keep doing this shit.

  3. This is great. I’m a lesbian but I’d totally go for it. I’d meet him, greet him, beat him, leave him. 😀 Whips and chains, baby. Oh yeah!

  4. @SeeBea:
    “Idk” it means I don’t know. Sorry, I was too lazy to type in my blurb. Or perhaps, was my foreigness too much to comprehend? Lol, there’s tons of other abbreviations, but I’m way too ooc to tell you k? 😀

  5. Um What!?

  6. I just can’t get over how Don’t Deny Yourself is all in caps. Magical.

  7. @Wednesday
    I’m a guy and I can’t beieve a guy thinks that this works either.
    But the one that gets me the most is how a guy (or girl) could think that hitting someone out of jealousy is going to endear them. “I love you baby (PUNCH) don’t leave me baby (PUNCH).” What is that?

  8. I’m the one that got the friend request from Aaron, he sent me an even lamer one a few days later. haha

  9. @EmmaS:
    Lol. I was in a similar situation. Too bad lamebook wasn’t around last year.

  10. Agree I ended up blocking him haha

  11. That Aaron sure knows exactly what a girl wants! A part-time hitman, part-time lady-licker. SWOON!

  12. @lpycb42:
    Fathers better lock their daughters up!

  13. I’d really like to have a mutual mental -Not physical one- ‘relation’ ‘ship’ with Aaron. Seems so charming. Such a Rhett Butler. Just purely mental love.

  14. I LOVE that I’ve been reading this website since it existed and now I know someone here. Sarah (mind you, Liam spelled her name wrong, minus the H) is my best friend. Awesomest awesomest awesome. Both these guys SERIOUSLY need to get laid. If they can. Or at least try in person. Not over facebook. Or at least invest in some porn. Come on now boys!

    PS- I hear Liam is actually pretty good in bed…any takers? (HAHAHA!!!!)

  15. Aaron looks like he listens to dubstep and Lil Wayne. There’s no way he has the chops to perform contract killings.

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