Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Just Your Everyday Dilemmas

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  1. If he’s smart, after reading this Rachel’s potential new boyfriend should change his status to single, looking for friendship, and interested in men.


  3. Sweet, I think I might try and get into this girl prison place. Sounds pretty laid back, I reckon I could just throw on a dress and wander in.

    I’m assuming the last status is between a couple who have split up but not divorced yet so it kind of isn’t any of his business…

    Never assume.

  4. Super Nintendo Chalmers

    Wow, sounds like a 24-hour slumber party. I wish I was a woman. I’d get arrested on purpose!

  5. Of COURSE Lesleigh ended up in prison. With a name like that she was destined from birth (certificate).

  6. I’d nail that girl to the right with the Bacon T-shirt on… She right bacon makes everything better! Even her!

  7. @Casshern, the chick to the right of my screen is pretending to run from Zombies…. I’m assuming you had something to do with that??….

  8. @BritishHobo I have actually been in a similar situation where I wanted to date a guy, but I wasn’t divorced completely yet…. Just that the Judge hadn’t signed the papers yet. So, maybe she’s in a similar situation??

  9. I don’t think that Karena understands the purpose of helping others….
    I mean if it was ‘rewarding and all’ why are you complaining?

  10. I’d nail bacon.

  11. dirtylittlepretty

    I like how Lesleigh has such a grip on what prison life is really all about..she is one smart cookie!

    Has Kesomi never heard of a question mark?

  12. dirtylittlepretty

    and btw…I’m back muthafuckas!

  13. I’d nail dirtylittlepretty too.

  14. I’d nail Lesleigh.

  15. I’m thinking that it came as a surprise to “Kesomi” because they still live together? I’ve seen it before, a couple in difficulty, maybe sleeping in different rooms, and one goes off and starts a new relationship without severing all ties.

  16. @Jim, your name is dangerously close to Dan Fargis, you just got my hopes up for nothing. I was expecting a rant that will inform us about how Rachel should be stoned to death for adultery according to the book of Leviticus or how lesleigh is a product of the liberal-socialist-Obama-public school agenda. I miss Dan and Ben and the real Yoink and Zombie Kid and that other douchebag

  17. Funny, that’s not what Cinemax makes women’s prison sound like…

    welcome back DLP

  18. I sincerely hope that Lesleigh (pronounced ‘Lee-slay’ in my imagination) gets what’s coming to her in prison. By “gets what’s coming to her,” I mean “repeatedly penetrated, in all orifices, by jagged broom handles, large fists, and other voluminous objects, with no lube.”

    I’d pay to see that sloptart’s face once she realizes that prison is nothing at all like what she envisioned.

  19. Lesleigh has people wanting to kick her ass just from her facebook staus update! Non-inmates even… just imagine what her cellmate Chickenhead Louise is going to do to her the first time that ignorant little girl opens her mouth. It ain’t going to be braiding her hair either…

  20. lol @ Chickenhead Louise

  21. Dukey, Jim is the Stainless Steel Rat. Ideologically, he couldn’t be further from Fargis than a pedophile could be from a priest.

  22. Lesleigh is about two steps away from being violated with a pool cue snapped in half. Nasty, old, sick, crack heads like nothing better than to roger folk with miscellaneous sporting equipment.

    Karena the last time i helped someone it cost me £0.25p. This is the exact amount a paid a tramp to let me kick him repeatedly in the bollocks. Imamofo employing the unemployable, one tramp at a time.

  23. haha, carlos made me laugh, mmm should i feel guilty?

  24. actually women’s prison is a lot like she envisioned… minus the sleeping in part, inmates are usually up by 5am for breakfast (earlier if they go to work). it is full of hormones, high school reminiscent drama, and a lot of chicks who think they are tougher than they are.

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