Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Terrible Type

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  1. ME

  2. hhahah

  3. Yeah, Thylar, never eat out on a period…

  4. I don’t sea what’s wrong with #4.

  5. @SamuelWise she said pacifically instead of specifically


  7. @5

    i suggest you re-read # 4…

  8. the comment, not the post.

  9. pulp FACT or pulp FICTION???

    if you laid 12 of steeeever’s comments out end-to-end they would span the entire specific ocean….

    pulp FACT!

  10. How do you spell drarws…… like old fashioned pants? So many types of drarws, so few spellings.

  11. LOL @ Alordslums

  12. alordslums wtf are you on about pulp fact its not funny, bucketofscuzz is laughing at you not your crappy joke, and now cus ive ousted this he will prob try and pretened that he was indeed laughin at u but haha noone likes ur shit jokes

  13. These comments are so atlantic. LOL

  14. i had to read samualwise’s comment a few times before i got it :p
    and frankie needs to go to english class more often

  15. peepel niver sees two a maize me

  16. funny

  17. Seriously people

  18. Elizabeth, you should have violently told them to not do it. Pacifism is over-rated.

  19. When it comes to confusing there, their, and they’re or it’s and its, I have patience, but I get the scary urge to drive a fork through someone’s eye when one mixes up “specific” and “pacific”.

  20. ha ha ha @ nuff. Men never listen everything…. so, he probably didn’t know really.

    I am having a pretty good day, I actually got everything the first time…. ha ha ah. Except @alordslums joke, or whatever that was about pulp fiction…

  21. BTW, I am officially disturbed at the kinds of tutors that are hired to help our children now-a-days. So much for ‘Our kids are our future’…..

  22. I wonder if Elizabeth has ever visited the Specific Ocean.

  23. You got it all wrong folks, she was clearly trying to come up with a clever way to combine pacifist and specific. I mean, someone with such a high intellectual caliber would never butcher specific in such a fashion as that.

  24. #3 Commas or no commas, I would have read it the same way. It’s just the way my mind works. Who’s with me?

  25. I’m with you, sideshow.

  26. dirtylittlepretty

    I would never eat out a Hillary, it’s such an unattractive name.

  27. Agreed, dlpretty. I actually do know a Hillary. I’ve felt her up, but that’s as far as it will ever go.

  28. Makes me think of Clinton, in which case dirty the unattractive name has an unattractive face.

  29. Danielle – Drawers as in ‘what’s that around your ankles slut?’

    Frankie you are a brainless fucktard with the combined IQ of a dead pigeon and a slightly soiled pair of y-fronts. The only thing you deserve an automatic A in is being A cunt.

  30. ahahaah what kind of people are they hiring to be tutors

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