Thursday, April 30, 2009

Keg Stand Philosophy


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  1. hahahahaha this is my favorite so far.

  2. agreed- W. T. F. is this guy for real?? let me know “being ruled by planets Mars & Pluto” works out for ya. And btw- I thought Pluto wasn’t a planet anymore….??

  3. I wish I was the definition of passion and wisdom.

  4. pluto is no longer a planet and any explanation of any theory will be hard to take seriously with simple words like “consistent” misspelled

  5. How do you manage to explain Descartes with beer flowing into your mouth? Either you are not doing a keg stand and are explaining your upside-down philosophies while being ironically dangled by your ankles, or you are speaking out of your ass. Matt thinks you are lame, therefore you are.

  6. wow

  7. by-product of parental coddling

  8. It’s you consistent pursuit of balance that makes you need to SHUT THE FUCK UP

  9. LOL @ MM

    This is ridiculous!

  10. I really see a J.D. in this person’s future. And I’m an attorney.

  11. -> Learn how to spell pilgrimage …

  12. “Passion of my soul”? Is this guy for real?

  13. Pluto is not a planet anymore…….

  14. Hahahahaha! What a cock!

  15. Wikipedia-educated. Sigh.

  16. So in other words, he’s a tool.

  17. Ruled by Pluto and Mars… certainly not ruled by planet earth, that’s for sure.

  18. Poor Pluto, constantly being reminded of its demoted status… =[

  19. #2

    He said “the planet Mars and Pluto” implying that Mars was a planet but Pluto was not.

    If he’d said “planets” then you would be correct.

  20. he left out “I am also a professional cunt”

  21. this is only missing one line… allow me to add it for you:

    And finally I would just like to add that yes my parents were at Woodstock and they sampled everything that got passed around… including whatever it was that made me!

  22. He needs to have his milk and go to sleep.

  23. “Holly Land” Typical believer

  24. Holy* 😛

  25. Translation: this guy goes to Purdue.

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