Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Kinda like this guy…

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  1. Who carries around their dildo in a bag in the first place?

  2. Dad’s smart – nobody gets pregnant from a dildo.

  3. What a pervy dad.

  4. F’ed up sense of humor!!!

  5. @wte5874 – Someone who likes to get a quick fix while driving, I assume.

    @ the OP – I guess bad attention is better than no attention…

  6. I can kind of see the dad’s point here. After this no one will ever be able to make her feel ashamed of sex, solo or partnered.

  7. ^ Then you’re not doing it right.

  8. #7 If shame is involved you are definitely not doing it right.

  9. That guy shouldn’t keep his vibrator in his bag—obviously ;P

  10. Appartment* store* stupid British.

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