Thursday, May 27, 2010

Large Format Photography

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  1. It’s about time Word! You go!

    1) You might be a redneck…
    2) Don’t knock it until you try it. I guess.
    3) He just “Keepin it real”.
    4) Is that a closet door?

  2. Okay, I’m not picking on the heavy preggo because I hate fat people. I’m fat myself. And while I agree it’s fairly pointless for someone with a large belly to be taking “pregnant belly” pics (especially this early on) I’ve gotta say I’m sick to death of ANY women taking and posting these pictures. Yes, it’s a natural state for the female of the species. Nothing wrong with it. But that doesn’t mean the world wants to SEE it. Hell, my tits are headed south and that’s completely natural. Should I start documenting their voyage to the floor? “Here they are at 45. Look how they seem to be checking the floor for spare change!” and “Here they are at fifty! Ooooh, seems like only yesterday I didn’t realize you could get your nipple caught in your pants zipper….” No more belly shots, fat or thin. I’m sick of them!

  3. @weedabix:
    There is a fine line between confidence and stupidity. #1 didn’t just cross the line, she erased it, dug up the ground it had been painted on, and launched that pile of dirt into the sun. Then she crossed it.

  4. CommentsAtLarge

    Jesus Hyperventilating Christ – this is proof there should be an embarassment filter on FB image posting. I say take whatever photos you and yours wish; it’s your happiness, run with it. This does not mean, however, that the REST of the world would be as enthused. In the Venn Diagram of life, beer bellies and leather thongs don’t overlap for everyone. I, being one of those people, don’t need to see the opening to whatever unholy events Buster is about to usher in.

    And if word is misbehaving, well look out 😉

  5. Omg that last one… Wow D:

  6. rebarbativebecc

    Maybe she’s joking about being pregnant…?


  8. Pretty considerate of Buster to try and bring sexy back since I’m fairly sure he’s what scared it off in the first place.

  9. JacksSmirkingRevenge

    Yikes. Some of the more disturbing pictures on here in a while.

    I’m just wondering.. who took that picture of her on Santa? Why did they think it was ok? Where did she get that idea in the first place? Too many questions!

    Christmas will never be the same.

  10. As always with Lamebook, I would be very interested to know what the thought process was, this time for deciding to take a picture of you ’69ing wit santa’

  11. Hobes, I have to be honest, the Santa one doesn’t bother me in the slightest, well the whole posting it on facebook thing is weird, but as for mock screwing inanimate objects, eh, I think we’ve all mocked screwed something.

  12. But Santa? 😐 Won’t somebody think of the children?

  13. Just don’t tell them, they won’t know any better. I’d probably stop them from giving him a kiss though.

  14. Paranoid Android

    Sweet baby Jebus, take me now, my eyes have melted.

    Buster – Fuck you buddy, not cool.

  15. I am a keen follower of Lamebook comments and never felt the urge to comment that is until today….
    Weedabix and crispy_bandana. These two are the classic reason why bullying still exists they appear to be the kind of people who call cops to tip them off about parties especially when people are having fun!

  16. I’d be very very surprised if even Santa were able to empty his sack whilst stuck in that position.

  17. that last one…my eyes…

  18. Buster completely terrifies me!

    And lawl at #4, thinking he’s a hard ass with his purple walls and fancy soap bottles XD

  19. ParanormalRomance

    I have to point out, as wrong as the whole practice of taking FB photos of yourself in the head–it is refreshing to see there are people out there that still believe in CLEANING their bathrooms…

  20. I think taking pictures while your pregnant is fine. Congrats, good on ya. But what girls like #1 should realize is that most people get offended/disgusted by that stuff. Sorry but it’s true. Rebel all you want, but people will comment harshly and critique you!
    #4…I don’t care what you do in your spare time, Buster. I just don’t want to see it in my livefeed.

  21. KittyKatastrophik

    UGH .. pregnant with a food baby 😡

  22. And BUSTER FTW with his broke ass Hellraiser tattoo! God that is amazing!

  23. Ahh daym. You wanna bet Tara’s hubby’s a feeeeeeedeeeeeeer??

  24. Worst Pinhead tattoo I have ever seen.

  25. @Crispy Bandana
    1)I’m pretty sure there are 2 glasses of wine there on the table. And they happen to be really close to her. So is the box of smokes. It’s not too much of a stretch to think they could possibly be hers. I think it’s tacky for any girl (skinny or fat) to post monthly belly pictures.
    2)Wtf was she thinking when she decided this would be a good idea? The fact that she’s fat and gross looking just makes it worse.
    3) Never take pictures of yourself while on the toilet. Ever.
    4) Buster is revolting.

    The fact that they’re all fat just ties all the pictures together in a logical manner. It’s gross that we’re subjected to it, but it’s on lamebook because all 4 are tacky.

    Just stop. We don’t care about these people’s lives. If you know them, a simple “Ha I know them.” will suffice. And why did you feel the need to post #96? You’re not winning anyone over by making more posts, and you’re making yourself sound more and more like attention whoring white trash.

  26. “I’m not fat- I’m 10 weeks pregnant!”

    Idk, guys- looks like Santa’s gettin ready to caress those sweet cottage cheese thighs.

    And yeah, DA, these are all grouped together because all those people are fat.

  27. 4.) where in the world is Kinky Kelly!??!! i believe we found the Sexy Stud though 🙂

  28. regarding #3…um, i like the wall color but it’s too dark for such a small room.
    regarding #4, i like to think that this was a personal pic that his partner took when they were being silly-sexual together, and then that jerky partner thought it would be funny to post on facebook just to embarrass the poor guy.

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