Friday, July 29, 2011

Late Nitework

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  1. Meh.

  2. All these made me chuckle. 🙂

  3. Hard to believe statuses like these, but I so hope #1 is true!

  4. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Not that hard to believe, in fact I have been in a couple of these situations.

  5. I refuse to believe that Dukey would have ever punched a poor homeless person. However, I can totally see him being in any of the other situations. I’m not very good with names, either, sweet cheeks.

  6. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Word to be fair, the dude was trying to rob me. I was drunk at the time and I was sitting on the sidewalk by my car waiting for my friends to get to my parking spot and he must have thought that would be a very opportune moment to encourage me to hand over my wallet … using a box cutter.
    It wouldn’t have done him any good either because I only had 6 bucks in there the prices for drinks at downtown clubs are ridiculous. The reason I cared enough get the cutter was because I had just replaced my driver’s license and I certainly wasn’t going back to DMV again, the wait time there is insane.

  7. Well, in your situation, you had no choice but to defend yourself, Dukey. I’d do anything to prevent an extra trip to the DMV, too. Those places must be universally nightmarish. As for L, I’m betting he punched the guy without any provocation. I hope his hand is broken.

  8. comparethemeerkat

    #1 is amazIng. I hope it’s true. Jeremy is my hero if it’s true.

  9. #1 is too funny! jeremy sounds like fun bobby

  10. or fun gandolph

  11. I’ve been known to punch a clown or two in my time, but never a homeless person. I just make them do calisthenics for my change. A 40oz tastes better when you earn it.

  12. I thought #2 looked familiar, so I checked the comments to see if it was a repost but it wasn’t. I then checked through “My Pictures” and I have a screenshot of it from facebook. I submitted it, but back on 19 May. How lame is that?

    Surely lamebook HQ is that bunged up with lame that they can’t feed it out quick enough. Maybe it would be quicker if they stopped wasting time posting unfunny and dislame (those are both real words, right?) posts and stuck to good ones.

    And I’m curious as to two things. They’ve edited out a comment that was above the comment thats there – why bother?
    And also they’ve blocked out the whole of the OPs name apart from L – why bother?

    tldr: lamebook is crap and why have they mucked about with my submission?

    lol, silly boys in lamebook office.

  13. yes, lamebook is lame…

  14. I’d be more humiliated by sleeping in Hannah Montana bedsheets than being nearly naked.

  15. The lyrics to “Best of both worlds” tatooed on your pubic reigon, ….lol

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