Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Lesson Learned

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  1. STEEEEEEEEVERRRRRR just bangs nurses so they know what’s up!

  2. I see a new plot for an otherwise original porn movie.
    And I like it.

  3. You go, Holly!

    She was probably fraped, but still, pretty cool.

    So the Dean of Medicine was giving a tour of the hospital to his shareholders, and they passed by a room and saw a patient standing next to his bed, holding the bed for support, and furiously masturbating. Everyone was astonished, but the Dean, being a witty individual, told the shareholders that the man had a rare condition that caused an incredible overproduction of semen, and the man had to masturbate several times a day in order to relieve the pressure and keep his reproductive system from literally exploding.

    They continued the tour, and about 20 minutes later, they came across another room where a male patient was getting a blow job from one of the hospital nurses. The shareholders looked at the Dean rather accusingly, when he stated, “Same problem as the other guy, better health plan.”

  4. Well, now I have a new entry on my bucket list.

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  6. ^Yay

  7. ^^his name is larrygay..poor bastard

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