Thursday, January 20, 2011

Let the World Know

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  1. ‘he will do the rest’
    Yeah…cause the sex is the hard part…

  2. What a coincidence, my uterus is for sale…inquire within.

  3. I hope that pink taco is not spicy, that could hurt 🙁

  4. hahaha man the comments make me giggle more than the actual posts.. nicely played blondebimbo, you saucy minx you!

  5. Tylene and Gino? WTF kinds of names are those?! And seriously their conversation made me puke in my mouth. Oddly enough I had tacos for lunch. Not pink though. Guess I missed out. Gag.

  6. Well, Gino is a popular Italian name… can’t say I’ve heard of a Tylene before.

  7. What does Todd think he is, a damned Seahorse?

  8. @whattecrap

    You puke at the thought of oral sex? Really?

    I feel kinda sorry for you.

  9. Hey Blondie, if you need a good agent to list that property, let me know. I’d be happy to help, after inspection of course. 😉

  10. @claven, I too could have boked. At the whole “yes love, no love, three bags fucking full love”.

  11. “my love my love my love…” jeez man, just admit you were making a pink taco reference to start with.

    oh and Curly – I still dub thee Puffins J. Clusterfuck the third. Just sayin.

  12. Nicely though.

  13. First off, curlybap wins the day!

    Second, those posts are surely going to show up on stfuparents and stfucouples. These posters are the reasons why I hate people and things.

    And last, I’ve no intention of ever using my uterus. Too bad you can’t just donate that thing. Todd could have mine, no strings attached as long as I never had to see it again.

  14. No Grandmother to chime in and say, “I know what you’re talking about.” I feel cheated.

  15. Saucy minx? Hell yes.
    And Comments, feel free to inquire within as well then. I’m always on the hunt for a good agent.

  16. Nicole is a moron.
    Tylene and Gino are foul and I bet they are both already fat.

  17. Keona!!!

  18. #2 is a quote from “The Other Guys”

  19. Nicole, Tell Todd to stop looking I have him a good, clean hardly used, second hand uterus right here…in a carrier bag…it’s still warm.. what do you mean he wants to fuck it!? That’s sick.

  20. Yes, anoek?

  21. Uh…

  22. @Miss Shegas, I’m way too late for the curly love but ….. x


    Puffins J. Clusterfuck the third

    Ps … is anyone on Lamebook. Can you tell I’m bored?

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