Thursday, January 20, 2011

Try Again:

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  2. ^^^dedication to the cause of being first. its somewhat impressive^^^

  3. cnt w typ wtht vwls mr ftn?

  4. I remember the last baby shower I went to… that was one sticky, drenched wailing toddler… it hardly shut it’s milk maw up throughout the whole affair.

  5. Didn’t Snooki recently write a book? I imagine it won’t sell too well, given that most of her fans can’t read.

  6. u nvr noo

  7. I have been mooning many times, does that count? How many degrees from the fuckin moon am i?

  8. Not sure JR, but I’m sure Kevin Bacon is involved somehow.

  9. Oh, Alvin Einstein? He must have been a fat, talentless, orange freak from the 19th Century. No wonder only Jessica has heard of him.

  10. Mr. Aldrin must have felt right at home. That Beth looks to be nearly big as a planet in whatever that is she’s wearing.

    Someone had to say it.
    Fuck, I’m a total bitch now. The transformation is complete.

  11. Is that really Buzz Aldrin? It doesn’t look like him. But then again, I can’t find my glasses.

  12. Big deal … I’ve met Captain Kirk.

  13. slicingupeyeballs

    Big deal, I’ve shagged an alien chick.

    well, bits of her were green…

  14. I fucked Uhura while Scottie filmed it…

  15. Alvin Einstein, one of the lesser known chipmunks.

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