Monday, October 15, 2012

Let’s Start This Week Out Right

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  1. So bored of punctuation and grammar based jokes. People were making spelling mistakes and missing out grammar long before the internet.

  2. That is way more than just a spelling or grammar mistake. This person is doomed unless she(I assume) can work a pole. Either kind.


  4. I <1 Maryan.

  5. The gold digger one was funny, but that’s a very old woman.

  6. True it’s a lot more than that…but really the human brain is an amazing thing and all people seem to be able to come up with is some dumb joke that they should have stayed at school etc etc.

  7. The first one wins.

  8. oshizzlegizzengar

    Jebus Crips poeple how Kant spake engwish reli pike me of cod!!!

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