Tuesday, September 18, 2012


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  2. yes, atheists should attain morality by believing in god and becoming cannibals, you know, like good christians.

  3. Ugh!!!! Just shoot me now!

  4. Gordon, the answer is: because cannibalism literally makes people go insane. Just ask Albert Fish.

  5. Beatus… I think Gordon is living proof enough 🙂

  6. ^I asked Armin Meiwes, instead, because he didn’t fucking die in 1936.

    he said you should go eat a dick.

  7. @beatus.

  8. F.D.R. had slaves?

  9. Atheism equates stealing, lying, cheating, incest and murder, but good god, at least we’re not cannibals.

  10. MsAnne, that was a pretty funny joke. I got it. I don’t think many others did.

  11. Have i ever given 2 shits about what many others think?
    fuck the common herd.

  12. I’m like mitt.

  13. I wouldn’t put it past Mitt to copulate with livestock.
    No unwanted pregnancies that way, right?

  14. and they don’t get all jelly when you have lots of wives, neither.

  15. That’s 41 cents my friend. Damn I’m smooth.

  16. Stupid fucking bastard.

  17. I’m no rain man but I’m pretty sure its 41

  18. ^you are sorta like rain man.

    not the math bit so much, but all the rest? for sure – I can easily see that.

  19. He’s an excellent driver, an excellent driver.

  20. just give him back his juice box and leave him alone.

  21. I’m sorry. I don’t speak shit muncher

  22. Dad lets me drive slow on the driveway. But not on Monday, definitely not on Monday.

  23. Barack Obama is proof that apes fuck buffalo.

  24. Frank’s response is about right, though…

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