Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Love is Constant


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  1. I found Jeremy on FB. How do I “PROFIT?”

  2. @ fapcum

    how do you find him on facebook? I don’t know what you mean by “use context clues”

    please enlighten me!

  3. Just found Jeremy, only took me a few minutes. He’s not so skinny himself.

  4. how do you find him?

  5. I’d like to see a picture of her, please.

  6. I used the abbreviations of his state and school.

  7. I found him too! How do we profit?

  8. a little help please…whats his name dammit and what network is he from

  9. @jess: you nailed it. especially when the blurred out picture matched the search results…

    i will reserve comment for later. one tidbit: jeremy was the kind of person in high school who was into the whole confederate, secessionist cause (seriously) and white power blah blah. the interesting thing was, he had unexplainably kinky hair.

    how does everyone profit? …
    ..sigh. i’m older than i think.

  10. can someone please tell me his full name!?

  11. Yeah, got him. I wouldn’t sleep with him even if I was a dirty pirate hooker.

    Btw, “dirty pirate hooker” comes from the movie Anchorman. I can assure you that this guy is not inventive enough to come up with such a phrase.

  12. i second the whole “whats his last name” ffs.

  13. The dude drops hints to his dox in his diatribe.

  14. I’m a fat angry man that never gets laid

  15. jeremy press? or am i completely wrong?

  16. underpants gnomes you idiots

    fapcum, you are not old but your screen name is disgusting

    in fact, I’ve got you all over my hand. gross.

  17. underpants gnomes you idiots

    and it’s not jeremy press

  18. underpants gnomes you idiots

    jesus, now it’s all over the keyboard.

  19. don’t blame me, I told you it was a sin

  20. who is is dammit

  21. Sounds to me like they went to high school together, but the line “sorry our kids are being raised as idiots and not dirty pirate hookers” makes it sound like she was saying he raises his kids as idiots.

  22. The “dirty pirate hooker” probably said he was raising his kids as idiots, so that would explain his answer. I’m so acute.

  23. ^ Think you meant “astute”?

  24. what is jeremy’s full name?

  25. hahaha, wow, he’s one to talk about weight.

  26. Suda?

  27. I’m assuming “DA” would mean Dorchester Academy, which is in South Caroline – it’s a private school.

  28. *South Carolina

  29. This guy is my fucking hero.

  30. Where are you guys searching – on facebook, or on google? What search terms are you using, and where are you putting them in?

  31. hahahaha! connie grew up, moved to california, became a model,and it evidently is driving her old buds at DA bonkers.

  32. I agree with #46. Constance obviously has issues, otherwise people like Jeremy would be the last thing on her mind. The need to “get back at” people that are no longer a part of your life in any way is pretty pathetic. The guy is obviously not very smart, but he is just reacting to her passive-aggressive “revenge”.

  33. LOL @ 26

  34. Meh… Might have been funny if we could see constance’s original mail.
    The only thing that made reading this worthwhile are Boz’s comments underneath – LOL 😀

  35. ew, this guy is hideous. Who is he to be such a douche?

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