Friday, August 5, 2011

Magical Moments

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  1. i can’t figure out what jennifer’s talking about.

  2. david ftw!:-)

  3. I don’t understand the Jennifer one at all.

  4. what the hell is the Jennifer one about? is it supposed to be funny? am i missing something?

  5. jennifer was playing along with the tooth fairy coming to collect her son’s tooth, she sent a text message to a lan line thinking that the text would just go nowhere, however when you text a a LAN line the text is received in a phonecall where the text is read out by a machine. so therefore some random person is going to receive that message

  6. Are we so far into the mobile age now that people genuinely don’t know that it’s called a landline?

  7. Loved the first one!

    I have to admit the first time I text a landline I was not expecting to receive a reply back myself. That being said I would not text some random phone number either… He’s a kid let him beleive in magic like we all did as children, not like you and the tooth fairy hooked up long ago on a drunken college evening and you kept in touch.

  8. Ency, it’s “land” not “LAN”, you idiot.

  9. 52 likes people? Anyone?

  10. FUCKING HELL. Did I accidentally type in “” in stead of lamebook?

  11. Anyone else imagine said toilet receiving and opening a letter?

  12. If you talk to your toilet… you’re crazy. If you write a letter to your toilet.. you’re completely mental.. BUT if your toilet writes you back.,. you should definitely get a new toilet!

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