Thursday, August 4, 2011

Excellent Observation

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  1. comparethemeerkat

    In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth. And he proclaimed, after spinning his omnipotent yarn, making crashing waves and tall mountains, sprinkling a health helping of trees and grass;


  2. Haha Harry Potter jokes! Can’t get enough of these insufferable posts! So funny!

  3. They did make Harry potter condoms, but JK Rowling sued them.

  4. Somehow I doubt anybody who would buy Harry Potter condoms would have an opportunity to actually use said condoms.

  5. Getting back with my ex is like digging up an old corpse from the graveyard.

    A guy shows up after hours to the morgue with condoms and a mix tape and all of a sudden he’s a freak. I LOVED THE GIRL ON GURNEY #2!

  6. Can you believe the stones on Vasquez? He sends me, a car packing C-4. We’re gonna gift wrap it back to him.

  7. 1) – Girls like getting teabagged? I’ll be putting this statement to the test in due course.

    2) – well played Rawley.

    3) – Same old lame, regurgitated, HP embarrasing douche.

    4) – Sounds like Sheneice is a pro at buying back her shitty old clothes and complaining bout it <— stay classy

  8. Water doesn’t like getting teabagged. That doesn’t make sense.

  9. I agree with Creese5. I don’t think any Harry Potter fan has ever been in an opportunity when they needed a condom.

  10. If other HP fans are like me I’m imagine it’s because they prefer the pull’n’pray technique.

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