Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Happy Winsday! (Part 1)

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  1. Brandon FTW.

  2. Bob annoys me.

  3. Poor Thomas, total oblivion

    Josh is tool

  4. Juanito is a mean person and Thomas is too naive for me.

  5. @eenerbl: I hate Bob, really it made me feel sick.

    Bye fellas, it was a “hard day” as usual 😀

  6. I thought this was gonna suck, but Josh/Bob really made me laugh xD Personal posts on Facebook are one of the things that really bug me, so I love that idea.

  7. possibly the one who attends Bournemouth University comparing profile pics

  8. lamebook failed at blurring out Matthew’s surname.

  9. Good call AlanLaing, I thought it would be pretty hard to find someone when there’s 500+ results with that name.

  10. haha brandon totaly wins

  11. Im lucky I guess that living in the same country as him has put him in the top 5 results of that name 🙂

  12. @AlainLaing – came in to post exactly this. Second result on my FB search!

  13. This is the first time I’ve ever seen Bob. I’m already annoyed by him. Although, the personal, self-depricating bullshit that people post as status updates really annoys me as well.

    I’m sorry that you’re depressed, but I don’t want to know about it. Now, when I see you in person, all I think about is the whining that you do on Facebook. The “XXXX has nothing left to live for.” and “XXXX just wants to give up.” and “XXXX doesn’t understand why she keeps getting rabbit corpses in the mail.” messages are lame. Keep it to yourself… does it REALLY make you feel better for people to respond with “awwwww hunny” and “you’re so strong, I know you’ll get through this!” and “WTF? Rabbit corpses???”? Does it?

  14. Brandon gets a thumbs up from me.

  15. mcowles: What annoys me more is the people that post vague ones like ‘Moany McWhinerson: life fucking sucks’ and ‘why are all guys such dicks?’ etc, then when someone asks what’s up, they go ‘oh, I don’t wanna say on Facebook, it’s too personal’.
    SO why bother at all? 😐

  16. I find rabbit corpses amusing. Bugs Bunny pops up in my mind, then his carrot pops into my mind, then I smile.

  17. Puerile it may be, but I enjoyed James’ comment. To this day, I still believe that American Pie’s greatest acheivement was to grant jokes about premature ejaculation “comedy gold” status. Unless I’m wrong.

  18. mcowles:
    What annoys me more are friendless assholes like you who fail to give a damn about anyone else’s feelings except your own.

  19. @Snip…..I’ve already found him…

  20. JimK

    I’m terribly sorry if you’re one of the people that whines on Facebook all the time. Does it make you feel loved to have a half dozen people roll their eyes and type consoling things to you?

    If you’re depressed and need someone to talk to, then call me or come hang out with me or send me a private e-mail and I’ll be there in a second and stay as long as it takes.

    However, if you have 500 “friends” that are all seeing your “life sucks” and “why does this have to happen to me!” complaints every day, then YOU are doing something wrong.

    If you think I don’t care about anyone else’s feelings, then you are more wrong than you could possibly know. Now instead of calling me an asshole, why don’t you go back to your Facebook homepage and read all the “I have faith in you” and “it’ll get better, I promise” messages that you’re clutching to so strongly.

  21. JimK seems depressed. Perhaps all his facebook friends awkwardly ignored his cries for help, er, I mean updates.

  22. Never ceases to amaze me that some commenters on here go looking for these people…

    The epitome of lame

  23. This Melbourne thing must be old cause it’s like 32 degrees Celsius right now. This makes Stu angry.

  24. Yeah, seems like JimK’s peed off that no matter how many cries for attention he posts on Facebook every day, they always go ignored… 🙁

  25. I can’t tell if Thomas is a genius or completely oblivious

  26. mcowles ftw.

  27. lol… bob died already…. the fools… and who’s matthew?

  28. @23. this makes me angry too, Stu.

  29. At first I was thinking that Thomas was just clueless, but maybe not. Maybe he’s actually just ignoring the somewhat assholish comment (because gay jokes like that are pretty annoying) & is choosing to comment on it literally. To defuse the joke.

  30. Juanito you’re killing me… LOL- JimK doesn’t need rabbit corpses in his mailbox, he already has hares in his pants that scare girls/boys/small furry animals away.

  31. im in melbourne now, and my balls are sweating so much!!

    Its like 40 degrese or sumfen, duno what your on about!

  32. lol thomas doesnt even know hes being made fun of

  33. Or thomas does know and he very cleverly retorted to it, killing the joke.

  34. the last one is not a win in any way. posing “bob” for any reason whatsoever is an automatic fail at life.

  35. midnightmarshmallow

    Actually, the last one made me laugh pretty hard. It was just she was being so dramatic and serious and he’s just like “You’ve been Bobbed! =D” Not exactly a win, but amusing anyway.

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