Monday, April 9, 2012

Major Motion Mayhem

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  2. velocirrobeeeeerrr!

    First! Though I will not be the first one to say that that conversation on the Titanic has been posted before… I’ll leave that for someone else.

  3. *Rats!*

  4. 2nd one is cringe-worthy. jack tells him he just banged his fiancee, and all he’s got to say is “bastard”?

  5. ….how much fucking time do kids have to make those FB accounts

  6. as I’ve been gritting my teeth to get through the advertising shitstorm surrounding this boatwreck of a movie’s sequel-thingy-but-not, I must say that Kate Winslet’s comments on how much she hates the music in the stupid fucking movie has cheered me up quite a bit.
    Quite a bit.

  7. Titanic is a movie for girls

  8. Pink Floyd are from Egypt

  9. You don’t want to join me at the flicks then MsAnne?

  10. I’ll happily share a pirate copy with you – but I’ll delete it straight away afterwards – on principle.

  11. Ahh but now we have proof. Something to hold against you ….

  12. something *else* to hold against me.
    just stick it into my permanent record.

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