Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Jacked Up

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  1. I am not wrong. She is fake.

  2. ^ Dammit, Jack, get to class!

  3. ^Incorrect. My current shape is of someone named Obama.

  4. I didn’t realize robots came in that colour, perhaps I should get out more..

  5. Its a new line.

  6. I don’t know T, seems kinda sketch….I always prefered the lines to be kinda white…ish….you sure you’re not tryinz t’ pull a fast one on us?

  7. Do not worry. We will terminate the black ones.

  8. I have a SCSI drive sitting in the next room that needs termination. Will you terminate that for me, please?

  9. Only if it’s black!

  10. Of course.

  11. ^when do you start to be not completely stupid and shit?

  12. If you think about it Capn, robots will be our slaves in the future…

    Back to the post…
    I love that Jack’s mum is still trying to assert control even after Jack has become an adult.
    I love that Jack still sits in his driveway pretending to drive a car.
    And I love that Jack defiantly doesn’t smoke weed between lectures.

  13. It’s sweet the way beatus and the Cap’n engage with T1000. It reminds me of grade school when I would occasionally read to the special needs kids. Good kharma to both of you!

  14. frankenstein, I have a robotic slave in my present. I adore my robo-vacuum, affectionately called “12 Inch Guzzler”.

  15. ^lucky lady.. it’s not aware and pleading for freedom though..

  16. Yes, please do not feed the guy who thinks he’s a robot. Cuz if you stop now, he’ll starve and die off because he won’t know how to survive on his own.

    And to the posting…
    Jack is apparently already smoking the high-grade if he’s sitting in his driveway stoned off his ass and pretending to drive a car. Or he’s just a window-licker.

  17. Bahaha.. WHAT A BITCH!! FUCK YOU BITCH!!

  18. That shet is funny. He is a wanna-be gangsta! Straight up!

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