Monday, July 23, 2012

The Dad Knight Rises

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  1. How is forcing your son to pull weeds an appropriate “punishment” for posting insensitive things on Facebook? Is he supposed to learn anything from that?

  2. Well punishment isn’t the same these days when kids have a best buy store in their room. Pulling weeds sucks.

  3. Parent censorship blows. They should be congratulating him on a decent quip.

    He’ll probably grow up and gun down a bunch of people in a Walmart somewhere because they didn’t support him when they had the chance.

  4. ^True, except for the part about it being a decent quip. If anything he should be punished for telling an unoriginal, poorly constructed joke.

    And if the dad wanted to teach him about compassion, surely a better punishment would be forcing the son to help out with homeless or lonely old people.

    All this fucker really cares about is appearing to be a decent person and, as a bonus, the gardening gets done.

    Cheap, lazy, sanctimounious hypocrite.

  5. Might not have been a teaching consequence, but had the dad said “Now now son, that’s insensitive” you’d all have bitched and begged for the dad to kick the kid’s ass. When you’re perfect, let us know.
    ALl day in the hot sun with nothing to do but pull weeds and think about what a jerk you are is better than what a lot of little insufferable brats get these days.

  6. @3 Decent quip? Where are you posting from, a Pauly Shore Film Festival? Let’s hope you’re in line at Walmart buying your Summer’s Eve when he stops by.

  7. Slendermans Girlfriend

    I thought they were going to show the whole Batman movie at the midnight premiere…but I guess all the audience got was clips.

  8. I don’t understand why some of you are always bitching about nickelback and walmart. What’s up with all the tall poppy syndrome going around lately? And franky, ffs, you’re on a roll today!

  9. Check out peopleofwalmart dot com, Capn. I swear 90% of those pictures are taken at the three Wal-Marts nearest my house.

    One interesting thing to note, though, if you ever travel to México, go shop at Wal-Mart there. It’s a completely different world. Wal-Marts in México are clean, have nice products, have a lot of nice people that are willing to help, and are more expensive than most other large stores.

  10. drchalkwitheringlicktacklefeff

    Oh boo hoo, the kid said something mean. People need to sack-up and realise that their feelings aren’t important.

  11. poor elijah. he gave it his best shot, and his own fucking father gunned him down.
    lack of compassion for fellowman all around in that shitty family.
    but what does one expect? they have a weedy yard and no sense of humour at all.

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