Thursday, October 4, 2012

Meat Group!

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  1. In defiance of what, pray tell?

  2. Are we supposed to take from this that if you write excessively then it becomes interesting and funny? ‘cos that’s bullshit.

  3. Would a man who has Dominos on speed dial really mix up their pizza naming system with Pizza Hut’s? I THINK NOT. Your story is a fabrication, sir!

  4. The professor was in the right, in my opinion. If you demand to have a different choice because of your lifestyle choices, then don’t take away everyone else’s choice because of your lifestyle choices.

  5. ^ I agree with beatusmongous on that point. I hate kids allergic to shit because it means my kids don’t get to eat stuff they like in school in case one of those untrained, self-righteous little shits has a little attack.

  6. ^ Allergies are a bit different than being a vegan or choosing not to eat a certain product for political reasons. At least you can send your kids to school with lunch boxes with the stuff they want to eat.

  7. ^No, my kids’ school have banned a long list of items so that there is zero risk to the kids with allergies.

  8. whether fabricated or not i enjoyed this immensely and hope in my heart of hearts that it actually happened.

    although, i must admit, someone having dominos on speed dial is tough to believe.

  9. Well it was a dick move. Really, for one meal out of your life you can’t do without meat? Unless the meal was a plate of fruit and tofu which is unpalatable even to me, then grow up and expand your mind Professor Dick and the OP. People really need to shut up about vegans and vegetarians, and vegans vegetarians really need to quit being so self righteous. Eat what you want and sthu. Build a bridge and get over it.

  10. I actually don’t think it was a dick move. It was a lesson in how the world turns for the student.
    If she needs to insist that there be a vegan option, she should have, without even thinking about it, provided a meat option when it was her turn. Instead, she insisted everyone see it her way with no other option while she previously demanded that people should cater to her way with an option.
    I’m with the Professor on this one and, though as it was pointed out that this is fabricated because of the domino’s/pizza hut thing, I probably would have done the same thing if one of my students pulled this.

  11. Vegans suck.

  12. Vegan logic: You don’t have a choice because I already made my choice.

  13. I think the professor’s a dick. Even if the vegan should have brought meat for everyone else, the professor could have made this point along the lines of some of the comments above, rather than being a dick about it.

    But I don’t see why the vegan should bring meat for everyone else. I brought food to my dance group last night and there wasn’t any meat in it. There are other things to eat, and surely one of the advantages of having different people bring the food different times is that you get an interesting variety of food you haven’t tried before. Hopefully.

    The vegan doesn’t eat meat the other weeks because she is opposed to eating meat. If she said that no one else should eat meat at the meetings either, that’s getting into preachy territory. But she’s not doing anything LIKE that.

    If some of the other attendees are morally opposed to eating fruits and vegetables, then it would be arguably equivalent. (Except that they’d be dead and not at the meeting.)

  14. slicingupeyeballs

    Dur, it wasn’t the fact no meat was provided, it was the sanctimonious manner in which tiresome, pallid vegans ALWAYS push their self-righteous agendas on others.

    They are worse than fucking christians…

  15. Here’s the thing: If you insist on not having any wheat products because of the way wheat is treated, but others don’t agree with your point of view, who are you to FORCE them not to have wheat when it is your turn? What if someone’s particular diet requires they eat primarily wheat products for their health reasons? It’s not up to you to decide the morals of others. Doing so is even more annoying than driving the exact speed limit while in the passing lane, effectively FORCING others to obey the law whether they choose to or not.

    I do agree with the idea of having different foods, though. I’m up for trying new things.

    Randy, your kids’ school sucks. They are trying to do the same things at my daughters’ school, too, and I don’t like it. Just because RayBeam in the 5th grade is allergic to mint shouldn’t keep my second grader from enjoying roast lamb with mint jelly.

  16. wow… maybe this story is true… maybe not. but the professor in this story is a douche. i am a meat eater, but who care if others are vegans. If this story is real then there was no need to make the girl feel small. she probably worked very hard on those meals, spending her own money and time to prepare them. i’d be annoyed if i made a perfectly fine meal and the person i cooked it for told me to order a pizza.

  17. I think the professor is just making a point based on principle, he probably doesn’t really care what the food option is. If everyone else had to separately accommodate her for every meeting, then it would make sense that she would have a variety for others. It’s one thing to make a personal choice for yourself, but why force everyone else into it, especially when there isn’t a dietary requirement involved (i.e. an allergy)? Throw some cheese on it!!

  18. I believe professor’s loins burn for this vegan girl. He probably even gets a little less flaccid when he thinks about her. She so reminds him of his daughter.

  19. none of you carnist pussies would have the balls to kill your own meat, so eat my shit.
    your comments are weak and pointless.

  20. Mark Zuckerberg only eats meat he kills himself.

  21. my favourite comment from diots-who-think-they-smart would be that meat eating is evolution.

    like they think that evolution has finished now and they’re the final product.
    I don’t even…

  22. Hopefully those people are the final product in their bloodline.

  23. There’s a place for ALL God’s creatures in this world….next to the mash and roasted veg

  24. fuck you msanne i shoot/hunt and eat it every week. Goldstar for me.

  25. I bet MsAnne is a transgender vegan hipster.

    Oh yeah, and a cunt.

  26. It doesn’t take balls to kill your own food. It takes balls to make rocky mountain oysters.

  27. All this anger towards Miss Anne. I think she is the star of the lame book feedback section.
    She’s full of vitriol, wit, humour and words that make me reach for the dictionary.
    I have no idea why Lamebook even has this feature to comment on inbreds by trolls, but when in Rome…

    Everytime you harrass Miss Anne, you get weaker and she gets stronger

  28. well don’t fucking warn them.

    oh, who am i kidding? you may as well be writing in Latin.

  29. So what if a vegan doesn’t provide a meat option? I’m sure the Prof was an omnivore and generally eats veg stuff anyways. Or should we now be insisting that Jews provide a bacon dish instead of forcing their dietary needs on us? Ps mmmmmm bacon!!!

  30. I don’t know how devoid of basic empathy you have to be to see a cute photo of a widdle piglet and it makes you smile, but divorce yourself from that reality and then go “I want to eat you.”

  31. Ah…food for groups of people. This is actually a touchy subject for me. I have a medical condition that keeps me from eating, well, pretty much everything. Wanna know what I learned to do? Bring my own food. Why? Because I don’t think it’s fair for others to have to limit their choices because of me and I don’t want anyone to go out of their way to accommodate just me. I guess that makes me considerate and we all know there’s no room for that nonsense.

  32. and vegans never bring their own food. they all insist loudly on being catered for especially, and throw tantrums if they don’t get their own way. all the time.

    and jacqbone, you sound like a right fucking treat to have at a party. no wonder you bring your own food, it’s the only way you’d get in the fucking door.
    I bet you tell everyone why you’ve bought your sad little tupperware dish, too. And make everyone feel sorry for you, and uncomfortable, and just generally fuck everything right up.

  33. Hey now, I peeked in your handbag and saw that large cucumber you carry around.
    Surely that’s for last-minute vegan dinner parties…

  34. handbag?

  35. Yeah, your bag with all the severed hands in it (and the cucumber. Don’t forget the cucumber).

    Why, what do you call it?

  36. I call it insulting!
    I’m lovely.

  37. Why so much hate. There are some stupid arrogant self-righteous vegans and vegetarians that put me on the defense and I’ve been vegetarian since I was 6. Shut the Front Door

  38. Some people get personally offended at the torture, murder and the subjugation of entire species so that we can mince them in the horrific machine of our filthy commerce.

    some people are so touchy.

  39. you might want to think what the phrase ‘sentient being’ actually fucking means.

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