Tuesday, October 16, 2012

MEATing Strangers

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  1. I wonder if her leather shoes made her sick too. The best result from
    This situation would be a fight to the death between each of these fuckwits

  2. she should just take perverse pleasure watching meat eaters eat knowing that the meat will decompose in the gut before its digested

  3. Vegans are the new anti-smokers.

  4. The fact that this generated 60 or so likes really makes me wonder. I don’t see why it’s a good story. Meh.

  5. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Why didn’t everybody applaud at the end?

  6. Someone needs to start lamelamebook.com and post this shite.

  7. I am a vegetarian and sad vegetarians like her are around. My boyfriend is a meatatarian and I make him food. Don’t force your beliefs on others.

  8. Yeah, it’s not as if he was rubbing his meat..in…..her….face…. Sorry distracted myself there. @scrdva well said, meatatarians (haha) like me have rights too! Does your bf only eat meat (makes him a carnivore) or does he eat other stuff too? (Omnivore)

  9. Yeah what is with the maniacal vegetarians lately. Those of us who’ve been vegetarian for most of our lives are getting a really bad rap from the new hipsters. Like shut up and eat whatever you like already and leave other people alone.

  10. @ Markaccus, he will eat potatoes, corn, pasta, rice and meat. He will eat carrots if I make them mushy in a cottage pie or something. Our kids eat both meat and veggies and know never give mom a chicken nugget or dad a carrot stick 😉

  11. This reminds me of the time that I got told off for eating meat on the train… Dad got done for indecent exposure.

  12. This was not very entertaining, but the very fact that it lacked entertainment value indicates to me that it probably actually happened. Which I like.

  13. ^ I agree… But the title was very misleading. I was preparing for something better.

  14. We should create some binders full of vegetarians. Then exterminate them and use them for feed for other animals.

  15. To be fair, in a way it IS common courtesy, but not because of the meat – because of the smell. A lot of meats have a really strong smell. I’ve been on trains and buses before when someone has got on and whipped out some kind of super smelly sandwich and the smell fills up the carriages and I end up gagging. If I want to eat in an enclosed public place I normally make sure what I’m eating isn’t smelly or the area isn’t busy. In London, there are even signs on the buses requesting you not to eat things with strong smells so it’s not just me.

    Granted it seems like this girl was talking more about the fact that he was eating meat at all rather than the smell, which is a bit weird and selfish, but it’s not like she yelled at or attacked him. She asked quite politely. Doesn’t make it right but it could have been a lot worse.

  16. slicingupeyeballs

    Do these tiresome vegan-types have oral sex…?

    Probably not, come to think of it, as their untamed beavers and putrid legume-induced farts would make it unpleasant…

  17. slicingupeyeballs

    And I often wonder if Hitler (a famous vegetarian) would have been less cranky if he had enjoyed the odd sausage…?

    Maybe that was his problem, he was continually annoyed by Goering chewing on a bratwurst, much like this self centred cunt on the train…

  18. ^ I’ve heard that Hitler did in fact occasionally enjoy a Polish sausage.

  19. Hitler was NOT a vegetarian. That’s a long standing myth that has been debunked (Google and Bing that shit, yo).

  20. This is the strangest thread ever. Oh, and I don’t really have a valid reason, but fuck you Bing.com!

  21. 15.
    That would make sense, if she hadn’t bothered to bring up that she’s, like, totally a vegetarian.

    If she had brought up the annoying smell or something, it would be understandable, and he probably would have complied. Then again, if that was the problem, she would have already moved herself.

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