Monday, September 10, 2012

Meet Luke

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  2. all of you are faggots. i hate you all.

    fuck you.

  3. This guy’s dick must be microscopic.

  4. I was gonna rant about this guy but then I saw Steeeeever’s wonderful post and all was forgiven.

  5. I want to see his bear hands

  6. I bet Suroor could take this guy. in a steel cage match. Pay-per-view because Suroor probably wouldn’t work for free.

  7. I want to live where the local zoo allows the mountain gorillas to go inside the lion enclosure and wrestle with the lions. If I have to wax my chest, inject my ass with steroids and grow giant hairy bear hands to fit into the community, so be it.

  8. Nice Thunderbird hair-cut there, Lukey boy. Even though you were probably fraped, grow a fucking neck.

  9. The line at the very bottom made laugh. Whether this is serious or not.

  10. Luke Master Bates?

    Suroor and Luke death match. I’d pay to see that.

  11. If his profile pic had him sucking a dick, he would actually look less gay…

  12. repressed latent homosexuality is fucking funny

  13. Hold the fucking phone, beatus! Luke MasterBates? Who DOES that?

  14. I get my exercise outdoors.
    I’m not a gymnasium sort of person – because people are disgusting to begin with, and don’t even get me started on sweaty, vain people – so I understand nothing of the culture and I rarely have to deal with meatheads like that (only online, hah!), so my question to people who have to go to a gym is this;-


  15. I don’t know how repressed his homosexuality really is, considering he listed he’s interested in both men and women.

  16. ^Yup, I noticed that too. He’ll put it into anything

  17. actually I meant Bowler

    Hawk is on the money with steroid boy, though I think a mirror would need to be involved for him to really get it on

  18. Most men who go to the gym do so because they can get a chance to look at other mens’ spunk hoses without feeling guilty.

  19. ^of course. duh. i feel as dumb as berk.

  20. no matter how dumb you turn you’ll never be as pretty

    and you need a few more years of drinking metho and bong water to attain my level.. you don’t get this thick without some fucking hard work and commitment skanko

  21. Bacchante, I was just guessing what the blurry part was, that’s all. Was I correct?

    Outdoor exercise is the way to go. I’d rather my air smell of car exhaust than sweaty meatballs.

  22. Why does something like this always translate into repressed homosexuality for everyone? You guys know nothing about repressed homosexuality. I was a repressed homosexual for 23 years, and I was nothing like this idiot. I know plenty of repressed homosexuals and they are nothing like him either. Assholes are assholes regardless or their sexual orientation.

  23. Goddammit, beatus, you were just making teh funneh. I thought you’d done some research and that was his actual screen name. Nvrmnd…

  24. velocirrober, the accusations of homosexuality that are being flung around here with gay abandon originated in the OP. He basically ticked all the boxes himself. (ie, ‘interested in women & men)

    fucking hell beatus, don’t exercise near a fucking road, then. actually no, scratch that. go play in traffic.

  25. Only if you’ll play with my, MsAnne.

  26. I don’t play particularly well with others.

  27. Isn’t that the point?

  28. @24 People who repress something usually overcompensate in the opposite direction and it’s that extreme behavior that is obnoxious and joke worthy, not what the person is actually repressing. That’s not to say there aren’t homophobes here. For an explanation of their behavior simply read my first sentence again.

  29. riiight. so, I’m a fucking horrible and caustic bitch who will chew off the face of any annoying moron who wanders too close – because I want to be loved..?

    of course! it makes perfect sense.
    I pray every morning for the zombipocalypse because I really have a deep and abiding affection for humanity.

  30. Yeah, yeah. Unless you’re screwing around with viruses, bacteria and DNA in your secret laboratory, the zombipocalypse is just a pipe dream, okay?
    It’s not like praying will do anything.

  31. *gasp!*

  32. but you were right about the ‘pipe’-dream bit.


  33. “Wanting to be loved” and “wanting to be ducked” are completely different things, MsAnne. Don’t confuse them.

  34. Ha! Fanned autocorrect!

  35. Dammit! Aw, duck it.

  36. “A man once set a pitbull on me and I killed it with my bear hands.”
    I’ll give credit for that, awesome line.

  37. the world fucks nearly everybody beat.
    death will always win the long game.

  38. May you be alive at the end of the world, MsAnneThrope.

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