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  1. I can’t tell if she’s dying her hair for herself or for attention.

  2. I cannot read this to the end.

  3. This isn’t as much lame as it is excruciatingly boring.

  4. for the record, manic panic is crap

  5. Just dye it already and stop posting about it!

  6. lol at Elisabeth…no one asked you

  7. the fact that no one spelled arctic right makes me cringe a little

  8. Candy Blackmail

    Five bucks says Morgan shaved her head and is just craving for some attention.

  9. Sad. This one isn’t even amusing in its lame-ness. Just boring.

  10. You seem to miss the point. This is similar to a posting I had just written in one of the more recent entries.

    Morgan has embraced the philosophy of community property. Her hair and appearance are not her own to modify. How she looks not only affects her, but those around her–it’s a reflection of her family, her community, her country, her being as a citizen of the world. Decision by committee will provide her with the color that will be of greatest benefit to her and her peers. By involving them and engaging them in this process, she has opened herself up to their opinions and hopefully they will reciprocate–further embedding their personalities into the collective power of the community. A strong community creates a strong individual.

  11. Chairman Mao – WTF?

  12. Hey Mao, does it feel really kickass to know that that one picture is all over the place? What would have happened if you accidentally blinked in that picture?

  13. …people still use Manic Panic?

    Is it 1995 all of a sudden?

  14. I used that hair dye once, the summer before seventh grade. ’97, what a year…

  15. Doug and Canaduck: LMAO! awesome…
    meg: I was totally going to say that too. It just makes these posts all the more lame and annoying.
    For some reason, I thought Morgan is a dude. Either way, s/he clearly already has a frikkin’ color choice, since s/he kept repeating it, so just dye your damn hair and STFU, until one week later when the shit washes out and you get to have your poll all over again. How boring is your life, anyways??

  16. Morgan, it’s clear you’ve chosen artic-camo (sic), why bother asking?

  17. This would make me quit Facebook forever. It’s like a rash that won’t stop itching.

  18. I’ve been using Manic Panic monthly for over a year and this just pisses. me. off. It’s hilarious, but so, so sad. I dye my hair all the time but I don’t think I’ve EVER asked ANYONE to pick a color for me. Shave your head and delete your account.

  19. Shave your head and delete your account.


  20. I recognized this instantly. Morgan is a dude. It’s been 6 weeks and his hair is still (barely) two shades of blue. I can also say that in all the years I have known Morgan, not once has he ever shaved his head.

  21. Yes, this is lame. But only because it’s boring as hell.

  22. @Kim agreed.

    But also because Manic Panic is probably the shittiest hair dye you can get. SFX lasts way longer.

  23. @natl33 The Amplified stuff is actually really decent, although I agree that their standard range is a bit poor.

  24. WTF is a “parent interview”? Can we change parents at a certain point in life? Is she giving her kid up and looking for new parents for it? That may be a little more pressing than your frigging hair dye, which you’ll just be changing in 2 weeks anyhow.

  25. @ Sem

    Here in NZ a parent interview is a parent/teacher interview. You know those nights they have at schools where the parent meets the teacher and they talk about the kid.

    But your idea sounds better..they should introduce that.

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